CARDANO for the future?

Hey guys just want to ask if there any other crypto technology that can beat CARDANO? Now or even in the future. Some people call Cardano as Japanese etherum. How about Xem a Chinese etherum? Or other 3rd generation crypto? Is there possibility that some 4th generations crypto will gonna come up?

3rd gen is about as deep as it will get. XEM and their partnership with OnLine (I think that is their name) create a sense of the dual layer that ADA has. However, the private transactions can be made separate to the public encrypted ones - this leads me to believe that is why the Chinese government loves it. XEM will do well for the next year or two, but look for the moment that the Chinese government either take it over completely or highly influence the direction of the company. Either way, not good for a global platform.

I personally look for ADA to facilitate some of or most of the interactions between XEM, IOTA, and possibly EOS or Stellar. This is mostly because of the fact that Haskell is being used as the backbone of this platform instead of java, C++, or python.

I see @Not_Anonymous thatโ€™s a great info but, Chinese Government is to hard to predict what they really plan about the crypto currency. What I think at the moment even Chinese Government not fully support the crypto at the moment but, we have Japanese and American that have positive view and later on that impact will spread globally. I read and learn about ADA by searching the web (not professional or what so ever just a normal guy ) I guess if this project finish it will change all the view of crypto people and very huge impact to the future technology.

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Yesterday, I have no idea about what is Cardano and why so many people are talking about it. I read a blog post about Cardano, and due to this post and the post on web-site i could say that Cardano has a future in crypto world. A lot of people do not believe at crypto at all, but I think cryptocurrencies is our future.

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