Greetings from Taiwan

Hello everyone! New to this forum, but already loving the layout.

I’m pretty hyped about 3rd generation blockchain and am looking forward to its development.

A question I haven’t been able to find an answer to despite digging through this forum, reddit, the main site, and many other sources… if I want to invest in Cardano DeFi in the future, is there a group to join or a site to keep up with if I want to get on board the first wave? I’ve already invested heavily in ADA, but I feel like Cardano DeFi will have monstrous growth potential right out the gate.

Thanks =)


I’m not really sure about investing in DeFi, my understanding is that since it will take place in the Cardano ecosystem, your investment in ADA will benefit from the growth of Cardano DeFi as it takes shape.

But again, I don’t know for certain.

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Great question. At this point monitoring the various channels closely would be a great idea including videos on YouTube from Charles Hoskinson and IOHK as well as Twitter feeds. I’m not sure if Emurgo has a presence in Singapore but be worthwhile following them as I would imagine they will be heavily involved with DeFi.

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Thanks for the replies everyone =)