Hello from Singapore!


I think Cardano is an extremely exciting project going into 2018. I really believe in the philosophy and the ideas behind Cardano. Hoping to see some execution and results soon!


Welcome and hello @Rigario Jeremy! :smiley:


Hi, i am based in singapore too. I am curently buying ada using bittrex and going thru verification process- pending - pain in the ass for withdrawal and lotsa bad remarks- uncertainty.

Please adv any other ways to buy ada. Think this is going to be huge.


I think right now bittrex is your best bet haha.


Hello Jeremy,

I just saw your post and wonder if you’re still interested?

I’m helping IOHK to organise a Cardano Singapore meetup in July and would like to connect with the community.



Hey Jose,

I’m actually more all in on crypto than before. I’m pretty plugged into the local scene and know most of the key players and venues. Shall we discuss privately what we wanna get done?


Hey I’m Josh from Singapore!

Look forward to hearing Charles speak at the Word Blockchain Summit here in July.
It would be a privilege if Cardano Singapore organizes a private meetup.



Hi Josh,

Good to e-meet you here. Yes! … Charles is arranging a private meetup with Cardano fans while he’s in Singapore for WBC. The venue and time has been confirmed … and I see someone named “Josh” has already registered. Is that you? … do remember to send me your contact info to facilitate security access at the venue.