Hello from Norway!

Hello there. I just bought another batch of ADA, and hope these last few Red market days will turn green, calming my facepalming head.

I’m a big believer in IOHK delivering a awesome product. So I’m not that worried about price so to speak, but it affects my mood even though I see this project in the long term.

There is probably many others like me, so all I can really say to you is that the way I see Cardano is in a child like manner. Charles and IOHK have great answers. And the more I learn about smart contracts and blockchain, the more I understand why things take time. The roadmap is amazing, and I love the way every upgrade is named after historical people. Even Ada Lovelace!
I’m looking forward to a light client wallet, ouroboros(+p) and all its jazz, and I hope Emurgo and the Cardano Foundation can entice new developers to give Cardano a try when its ready.

I’ve been juggeling between technology+programming or finance as a new career path in my 30yo days, but haven’t been able to set yet. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies checks of both :slight_smile:

I actually bought an intro to Haskell once, amongs other … For dummies versions of programming. (Also all 4 books on The Art of Computer Programming, by Knuth. For those that can read that kind of crypto-like text)

I wish I had the skills to help in some way, but I know there are great people working on this project from all sides. In the future, I hope my ‘batch of ADA’ and my vote will contribute some way that may benefit us all! And if someone happen to arrange a meetup in Norway I’ll do my best to attend!

And may 2018 be our (first) lift-off!


Welcome @Robhimself :slight_smile:

We need more help than just programming. You can literally pick anything to do and start a thread, get support and run with it. In the early days, education is needed most. Learn about the tech and explain it to others. Find a graphics person here and make some pictures. Have fun :slight_smile:

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Welcome, heavy support around this area, price should go up within few days…, buy the dips…GL all

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Welcome Rob!

Great introduction, and very excited to see more enthusiasm coming on board.

You mention your interests … I think going forward, the idea of the Haskell blockchain will be immensely powerful, because it perfectly fuses finance and technology in a way that can only be described as mathematically harmonious and truly artful!

As FP languages evaluate functions, in their formal grammar, one can think of them as truth-value ‘finders’ , and the function of value may be literally expressed by the maker and found so to speak by the participants. If the purpose of finance is to find and enhance value, and the purpose of haskell/Pluto/cardano is to distribute and record value, then, one might say our job as enthusiasts is to align our goals’ and truths’ value with the system, by searching for how to express our “value plays” or our economic credences , either by searching functional space , or by participating in the dao/chain community.

Pretty wild how Hoskinson et al, have managed to so artfully fuse these areas, right?


Welcome to the forum and I agree with everyone responding so far, get involved, your knoledge will prove useful. I’m not a developer either and was a bit overwhelmed by the tech talk at first but once I started to learn like you, I only want to know more. If you are here now, then you are already a step ahead of 99% of the rest of the world!

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Knoledge? Hmmmm…HODL!

The more I listen to the team and especially Charles, the more they mention issues I usually don’t agree with in different aspects of society today, but they implement many theoretical solutions to those problems. And I love that! All from decentralization and democracy to ethics and philosophy.


Hey welcome to this forum

Welcome !!

Welcome to the great cardano world

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Hey Rob, I can feel you on the price but this is just a normal market correction and a good time to load up on ADA which is what I’m going to do and if it falls some more I get some more. Dollar cost averaging means I keep buying at better price