How will allowing other Crypto-Currencies to utilise Cardano's Blockchain affect the price of ADA?

Hello all,

I’ve been reading this Forum fairly regularly in the last few months and finally decided to signup today!

It didn’t take me long after finding and researching the Cardano project to realise that this was and is the one i want to and will continue to invest in for the future. For similar reasons to many of you i’m sure; the technological superiority to other coins/blockchains, the method of work, albeit slower than some other competing projects feels justifiable for the quality being delivered and the groundbreaking developments / issues being solved in this space - so in actual fact, relatively it’s probably not slower at all. There are numerous other factors but there’s no need for me to relay what most here already know anymore than i have done already.

I believe in the project (Charles’ no bullshit approach in general / his YouTube videos helped a lot with this) and i believe in the long-term potential for it to dominate the crypto-currency market. I would be lying though if i said i wasn’t looking for a healthy ROI and crossing my fingers and hoping for something astronomical! Although of course i’m not relying on this type of outcome. For that reason though i’m quite curious about certain things that could affect the future price of ADA.

If i have understood certain information correctly, in the long term other Crypto-Currencies could potentially and will most likely hook into Cardano’s Blockchain in order to (for example) make use of higher/more efficient transactions per second. Now perhaps i’m missing something here but it feels to me like this is a bit of a kick in the teeth to those of us who have been invested in and supporting this project in the long run. I understand that different Currencies can co-exist but why do we want this exactly? Surely if ADA is to become #1 and increase in price substantially it would be better to reduce competition not assist the continued existence of said competitors?

I understand that this project was not started for the purpose of simply making all of the early adopters very wealthy in the long-term and there are a lot of people on this planet who stand to benefit from the ability to use crypto-currency in their daily lives / other great ethical purposes. However, if sounds a bit lackadaisical to me for those in charge not do everything possible to drive the value of 1 ADA as high as possible… Because surely this is the strongest sign of the strength of the project and currency and it’s a pretty fierce marketplace full of competitors with new ones popping up all the time.

I’m still hopeful for the future and again, i understand that there is a much bigger picture here than just a big ROI for investors and that if the project succeeds this ‘bigger picture’ will likely mean we all do pretty well providing we bought in early enough, but in all honesty there have been various pieces of information I’ve read lately that do give me slight concerns about how the future will play out.

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Charles Hoskinson has often said he will do nothing to boost or support the price, that’s not what Cardano is about. You can disagree of course, but he’s probably the guy you’d have to convince. Good luck with that… :grin:

BTW, when other currencies are supported, the transaction fees will be paid in ADA.

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I think it is important to differentiate between Charles saying that he will do nothing to prop-up the price via speculative means as compared to increasing the utility of the ADA token. He has frequently condemned the former and praised the latter. Touting untruthful partnerships or promising ridiculous TPS metrics is not the way Charles wants to increase ADA’s value, simply because it isn’t sustainable. Don’t forget that IOHK owns roughly 2.4B ADA. To think that Charles doesn’t care about doing everything he can to create sustainable value for those tokens would be foolish.


I think he is talking about having interoperability between blockchains which I think will be good for Cardano. The goal is to make your chain as useful as possible. Having the ability to transport value through your chain adds utility and value. There will never be just one coin so playing well with others insures relevance. This is in addition to the many, many, ways Cardano will add utility to the blockchain space.


Well obviously. But look at the quote I was responding to: “do everything possible to drive the price as high as possible”.

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Good answers, thanks guys.

I suppose i should have been a little clearer with that statement, when i said ‘do everything possible’ i did mean within reason, not simply to drive a huge speculative bubble that is unsustainable but to have some focus on driving the price higher organically speaking / through sensible, sustainable improvements and work.

I agree, whilst at times it feels like this notion is neglected it’s true that the best way to drive the price higher in the long-term is to focus on making the project as great as it can be. I believe in many ways this has already been happening but some areas could be improved upon such as marketing it to increase adoption.

Have you seen this?

I had not seen it. Sounds like thinks are moving in the right direction.


The whole idea of Cardano acting as a layer between cryptos and financial institutions
is the old Hoskinson’s story.

Speed is not likely to position Cardano as superior tech because current operational speed (~10 tps) is not exceptional among peers and far from centralized services (24K tps).

Technology has some potential if people adopt development of dapps on Cardano, but currently ETH is years ahead in this, therefore I am afraid that it will be hard to catch this train or make developers switch.

And than there is Africa :slight_smile:, while Vitalik Buterin is pushing GS, MS, Putin to implement ETH Cardano is taking alternative approach …

So what I am missing here is what places Cardano above its peers?. Is it management, or simplicity to use, or its techonlogical advances ? Has to be something what rings the bell, in ETH case tipping point was in smart contracts …

Simply put I think the tech and team is better. Because it is a cohesive focused team with the objective of building a better mouse trap from the start the usefulness of the product will attract a lot of attention from people who want to build stuff. It will take Eth a while to fix the structural problems it has. Regardless the race is just starting in many ways. My opinions anyway.

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Ability to stake ADA and earn rewards will ultimately drive price. Also, Staked ADA off the market = less supply, hence more demand.


Staking does not take it off the market, it can be as easily used as if unstaked.

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I have been intensely watching Cardano for well over a year. Never have I heard CH or any one else working at IOHK, CF, or Emergo state that the Goal was to become #1. The three legged approach as stated was Scalability, Interoperability, & Sustainability. Key here in my response is the Second item, Interoperability! If you want to review what this means, and why it’s there please refer to Charle’s White Board at 19:00 (

What’s the Point of it all?
The general concept being to provide a fully documented and peer reviewed Blockchain Stack which can serve the the world. Note that I did not use the words “Financial Stack”. While this is certainly a piece of the overall pie, it is most assuredly not the “Singular” intent.

Those who are speculating that the financial outcomes for themselves will be positive are (in my opinion) probably going to have a pleasant outcome. BUT these are not the only beneficiaries of the Cardano vision. It could be true that the biggest benefit provided could and would come to fruition if NO-ONE had ever Speculated via purchasing ADA.

The Funding and overall development of the Cardano Blockchain has no need for those of us who are speculating and holding ADA. I say this not to dismiss the Cardano ecosystem’s importance, but rather to point out that they are financially independent of the development.

Anyone who has listened to Charles and the rest of the development team has heard a fair amount of dismissiveness toward questions like “When Moon”. This is not a trivial point. Pay attention to the Project’s Stated Goals. No where in there will you see anything that sounds like “make you rich”.

Just to be absolutely clear; I am not picking on anyone who is speculating. That’s is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. It simply is not the Singular reason for Cardano, and no one should expect that it is or ever would be.

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Fair points, in many ways i was always aware of this.

On the other hand, it would be pretty childish/foolish for a business with these global goals that could define our future lives to explicitly state that their desire is to push the price as high as possible. This will be a natural result of all of the great things they are doing anyway. Focus on doing good for the world and the price increases will follow.

No doubt Charles, IOHK/Emurgo etc and many initial investors are holding large sums of ADA and it is in their own personal interests to increase the price, whether they state it publicly or not. I’m not saying it’s a facade of people pretending to be do-gooders to line their pockets because they are clearly doing things for the right reasons, for long term positive impacts and change across the planet but nobody on this planet is truly 100% selfless.

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This is the hope.

As for “Why Interoperability?”:
If you look at the Global Crypto Landscape the first thing you must acknowledge is that they are all walled gardens, in a real sense. This is problematic to the ecosystem as a whole, and generates a lot of tribalism. One thing we hear frequently from Cardano is the concept of the cross border use of a (Visa) card. Where I pay in USD, and the merchant gets whatever their local Fiat may be.

Until this is true in the Global Crypto Ecosystem the barriers to Actual Use in daily lives is far too problematic.

Providing interoperability is required for the crypto ecosystem to flourish. When the ecosystem flourishes, we find that we have returned to quoted concept above:

I like your thinking, thanks for your input :wink:

Mind if i ask whether you are personally invested in ADA?

I do not mind you asking…
In general, if someone does (or does not) own ADA, it has little to do with the conversation. If I were a whale, minnow, or lurker; and my comments are of value, then they stand on their own. My ADA holdings would have zero bearing on the utility of my comments.

There are instances where one’s “stake” in the coin(s) of the realm would have some intrinsic impact on their comments, but this is not one of those conversations.

We are early in the game here, and the ability of a person (any person) to acquire and hold crypto is still very much a difficult process. There are massive amounts of attention being placed on the Crypto ecosystem as a whole. Some of this attention is price-speculative in nature. To value a person, or their comments, with a colorized lens of “invested or not” might be quite short-sighted.

The truth is that the Crypto Ecosystem needs as many eyes, ears, and minds working in and on it as it can attract (maybe more than it can attract). Not all of those folk will be holders of the coins. They may only be able to invest time and effort.

Beyond the concept of Financial Investment, is the broader concept of Personal Investment of time, energy, and good will. The latter of which is greater than the former, in my opinion.


I don’t think it is by any means obvious that increasing the exchange value of the ADA has a positive effect on the tokens use value. If there is any theory on this that isn’t ideologically tainted, I’d like to take a look at it. My intuition is that a flat of slowly inflating token value is the most long term sustainable profile for currency value.

I think the question of interconnecting chains via the protocols (not the currency, per se) connects to the value vs. user population models and I would expect that the more other currencies can be routed through the protocol the more use value goes up. It also implicates the entire network of currencies thus routed are part of one system and so the theory is going to have to account for all of them as a network.

I am always amazed when I see comments about “marketing” being increased. Being a fellow with more than a few gray hairs on my head, and a good deal of business background, I find myself asking;
When is the appropriate time to market a product?
Should one market before the product is fully defined?
Fully defined, but not fully functional?
Or, Some time just prior to the actual release of the product?

Most often what I see in the Cardano ecosystem when these comments about marketing are raised is that Marketing comments are tied directly to increased speculative earnings of the person asking the question. I am not saying that is your intent.

If you think through the business concerns of marketing a mostly done product, to a population that is inundated with ICO’s and FUD over coin valuation, you begin to see the need for patience.

When Marketing? questions at this moment sound a lot like “When Moon?”.
If someone has a really good marketing idea or concept that would actually bring fruit today, then post it and let’s see if we can make it happen. Start with the intended recipients of this marketing plan. What are their pain points, how do we solve those with the product?

Oh, WAIT A MNUTE… IOHK is doing this exact thing on the African Continent. It’s a long horizon marketing plan, and it is bearing fruit today!

Again, I must say that my comments here are not intended to call into question your intentions. Please accept my apologies if it comes across that way.