The price of ADA


What about the price of ADA?. It’s not logique to see ADA lower. It’s a great crypto!.

However, Sentiment, an analysis firm thinks there’s a loss of interest of the small investors. Perhaps it’s time to change some things againts CH’s opinion. For exemple the number of ADA in the market.

I hodl ADA. I don’t do trade.

What do you think?

Crypto in general is volatile. Currently, with inflationary worries, quantitative tightening/rising interest rates, supply chain concerns and unpredictability, possible recessions and of course the war in Ukraine - the entire global stock market has been chaotic. This has had further consequences for crypto (as with most stocks).

With all this instability right now, many are fearful and sell. While long term this isn’t very practical it makes sense if new investors are less familiar with downturns, or if one has a low risk tolerance. Hopefully this becomes less extreme as crypto gains favour over the next several years.


That is easy, just take some fiat - your own of course, buy as much ADA on the market as you can, then take it out of market.


The thing is, that - since years - every time, when Bitcoin goes down, ADA goes down relatively more. This shows, that the Exchange Rate to USD is driven by speculation and market trends and not by fundamental criterias.
This will change as soon as we will get Apps with Mass Adaption in Cardano, so that not only “crypto-Nerds” (as me) can see, that it is a superior web3 technology which makes your and other life better. Now it’s too abstract for most people and a lot of people, who bought ADA didn’t buy from convince, but because they want to make supposedly quick profits.
What can be the 1st Application with mass adaption? Perhaps IAGON with Online Storage? Other Proposals?
Vasil should prepare the ground for those Evolutions.


Yes. I think the same. Cardano is a great project, but I cann’t see how the small and new investors can enter in the ecosystem of Cardano and to buy ADA.

To gain favour the next several years it’s necessary to have something else to offer to the investors like to earn some money.


Ja, ja, ja. It doesn’t work. This isn’t a personal matter.

I’m trying to support the community of Cardano with some ideas.

I hope.

In any case, to accept massively it is necessary to change the price policy. And the number of ADA is important to set a price.

Let’s say you are right, and Charles agrees that we need less ADA. The only option I know is to burn some. Exactly how do you propose to do this.
Instead of giving the stake pool operators and delegators some we could burn it. Its decentralized Charles can’t do that, you’d need everyone to agree to burn their money. That’s not going to make them richer so why would they do this. So you tell me where does this ADA come from that we burn.


Creo, que no hay que tocar el número de ADA circulante del Mercado, ADA se la compra por su proyecto y no por su precio, Eso hay que explicarle a los pequeños compradores. Solamente ellos cuando vean que la 5º fase acaba, y ADA comience a subir, irán comprando ADA de nuevo, no nos olvidemos que hay personas que comprar monedas MEMES, por eso no hay que reducir ADa a un neto valor de compra y venta de moneda. En mi caso holdeare ADA hasta el fín de mis días :slight_smile: Saludos Gustavo.


Ada does not and must not have any price policy.The price is set by market = the ballance between people buying vs. people selling. If you want a coin with price polic, wait for djed


If you think as Cardano as a business, the ADA price shoukd reflect what the market thinks Cardano is worth.

However what it really represents is how many people feel that swapping for Fiat to crypto is a good idea at the mo.

Once Apps start generating tranactuon fees and ADA generates good returns from staking, farming, or just general utility then more people will buy andprice will go up.

Whats the correct price for Cardano? I have no idea!



If BTC and Ethereum every so often they are less why not ADA. It should have a mechanism to do it.

Gracias por contestar.
Creo que el número es excesivo. Tiene que haber un mecanismo de reducción de monedas. Eso influye en su precio. El proyecto es estupendo por eso uno se mete. Sin embargo, BTC y Ethereum han caído en precio, pero en proporción ADA ha caído más. No puede ser. Vale mucho más. Es más útil. LUNA se ha volatilizado. ¿Le pasará eso a ADA cuando sigan subiendo los tipos de interés del mundo fiat?. ¿Cuándo crees que empezará la 5ª fase?

I’m OK. However the number of ADA is too much. For me djed will be a stable coin. That’s different.

The market doesn’t represent what ADA is worth. The fall of ADA is bigger than BTC and ETH and for me ADA has lost more and it’s better

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Talking about adoption, there is 7 billions of people on the planet = 6.5 Ada per person on average. Does not seem too much anymore, does it?


Hola, Gustavo, ojo con esos razonamientos que pueden ser falacias de razonamientos, te explico, no todas las personas del planeta usan internet, y muchos menos, criptomonedas. Un ejemplo es que en Argentina el 30% de a población no tiene acceso a internet, porque esta en zona de ruralidad, o es población originaria americana. sin embargo en New York u grupo bancario puede comprar 10.000.000 millones de ADA. Osea, sacar datos cuantitativos sobre números, cantidades y población puede dar falacias de razonamientos como dice el autor Irwin Copy, en su libro “Introducción al pensamiento lógico”. Hermosos debates se dan en estos espacios. coincido que no es mucha la cantidad, y este debate hay que darlo cuando las 5 fase estén completas y ver que aceptación masiva tiene ADA en ese momento. Saludos Cordiales.


The Cardano project’s goal is not to make some people rich but to become a better money. That means it strives to find a good balance of transactional safety, store of value, speed, sustainability, self governance, etc. You should buy ADA if you find these goals appealing and you also think that the Cardano project can deliver them. In this case you are buying something you want to have. Since ADA not delivered on all of these criteria yet, your move is an investment.

If you are buying ADA in the hope of making a good return in USD that implies you think that USD is better. So you are exchanging something you consider superior (USD) to something that you consider inferior (ADA). That only makes sense if you know that the price of the inferior product will go up despite the fact that it’s inferior. That’s unlikely, but hey, sometimes it just happens. But there is another problem.

This market is extremely volatile because of at least two factors: low liquidity and high feedback. Low liquidity means that trades moves the price more than on a high liquidity market. If someone buys ADA for $10M now, that would raise the price of ADA by more than 10%. If someone buys EUR for $10M that doesn’t make a dent. Maybe some fractions of a percent. High feedback means that people are trading crypto’s based on their price and not by their understanding of their value. So if prices start to rise they start to buy, and vice versa. Needless to say that the two effects are strengthening each other. So even if you have some information that others don’t, that doesn’t mean that you can predict the market, simply because it’s too chaotic.

So at the end of the day you are buying something you don’t want to have for something you want on a insanely unpredictable market.


Seguramente es demasiado fácil multiplicar la población mundial por ADA. Por cierto, según Statista, Argentina tiene una tasa de uso de Internet del 79,3% (con tendencia al alza) frente al 89%, por ejemplo, de Alemania o el 90% de Estados Unidos.
La pregunta es: ¿hay alguna alternativa para restringir el poder de los estados, las megacorporaciones y las empresas financieras fuera de Internet? Si pensamos globalmente, puede ser difícil. Especialmente en África, por ejemplo, es bastante obvio que las aplicaciones para la prueba de identidad, para los microcréditos o similares en los dispositivos móviles pueden contribuir a una mejora sostenible de las condiciones de vida. habrá una amenaza para la tasa de penetración tan pronto como Cardano/ADA (o quizás otra tecnología) se convierta realmente en una amenaza para el dominio de los actuales actores dominantes.
¿Seguirá habiendo Internet en todas partes sin filtrar? ¿Llegarán entonces los reguladores a prohibir la ADA? ¿Habrá ataques, por ejemplo, de Google, para comprar la mayoría de los ADA?
Eso será emocionante…

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We are very fixated on the exchange rate to the USD - but if you follow saifedean ammous, the essential criterion is not the price but the value, the price follows it, so to speak.
How is value created for ADA? In my opinion, through three factors:

  • It represents the appreciation of the technology behind it (DLT).
  • It stands for the “fuel” for the transactions behind it.
  • It is also essentially based on the fact that the amount of ADA is limited and cannot be artificially increased.

However, this raises a question for me that I have asked before in another context, but did not receive an answer:
To what extent is it ensured that transactions in the Cardano network always require ADA? The background to my question is that there is a large number of tokens in the Cardano network, one could also maliciously say an inflationary number of tokens. Assuming applications of new projects, e.g. online storage of IAGON, are paid in the own TOKEN IAG, is that still increasing the value of ADA? I.e. do I still need ADA for every data transaction in IAGON or does that run completely separately?
In the former case I would assume (reassured) that a sustainable and long-lasting increase in value of ADA will come, in the latter case it would probably be very uncertain. Can anyone answer this question for me?
Don’t misunderstand me, I think IAGON is a very exciting and basically value-driving project for Cardano, but I’m concerned with the basic mechanics of whether ADA is still needed for all applications, or whether development can also eventually decouple from ADA and perhaps some other token can become dominant in the future if it “drives” an application with mass adoption?

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