I'm addicted to buy more ADA when price goes lower!

Hello guys. I got this feeling, when the huge jump in Crypto market happens in forthcoming days, it’s not about BTC growth anymore; Bitcoin gonna drop one way or another, let me tell you. This is the time for advanced coins, as sure as hell, ADA for example!. People have no more reason to stick to old BTC Currency, while Third generation of Coins is here. I myself prefer to be part of the future and invest where technology is. So when ADA goes lower, i even buy more!!!

let me know what you think guys
wish you luck


Overall I concur with your opinion that Cardano has totally superior technology, otherwise I wouldn’t be here.

I just want to spark a thought for you there, which I got from Dr. Julian Hosp (founder of TenX):

Not always the better technology wins, e.g. if I recall correctly the TCP IP internet protocol. There were far superior ones but they didn’t make it, why? Because humanity did not need better ones for the things it wanted to do with it ( using internet, calling, etc )

That’s my feeling about Cardano a little bit. I do not say the same will happen for it, but I just have a slight feeling that this might happen.

But we still have zero clue for what blockchain / cryptocurrencies will be used in 5, 10, 20 years.
Maybe they’re gone, maybe they’re just used in companies as a ledger, maybe they’re gonna be the world currency. Who knows now? Nobody.

If the world wants to use blockchain / crypto as only a transmitter of money, in my opinion it could just settle down on Bitcoin because it has the furthest adoption.
If the world decides that all stocks are going to be traded via blockchain and this will be the main use case, maybe Stellar will be the winner.
If the world finds superior use cases where Bitcoin has too less options and governments want to come in as well, maybe it’s gonna be Cardano ( good regulatory reputation as far as I know ).

This is totally not facts and I have zero intend to FUD / shill any coin I mentioned, just wanted to give you my 2 lovelaces to that topic.



I bought ADA when the price was over $1… Now is the right time to buy. I believe the same about XLM


I think at some point in the roadmap there will have to be a major marketing campaign, I would think when it is near a fully functional crypto currency.


I just bought a little chunk of Ada for Saint Patrick’s day luck O the Irish. Transfer from the Exchange to my wallet was only 36 seconds.


must be nice to have your wallet working…


Haha it reminded me of that guy that couldn’t open and sell his ADA… I bet that guy is completely raging right now… If anyone know who I am talking about…

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lol i know

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you got your wallet working now? i remember you had problems…

I wish I bought now :). I got my ADA around 60 cents.

So, i’m keep having problems to connect. from time to time i need to delete my DB, but at least i managed to restore my wallet and everything is alright with my ADAs. thanks for asking

I bought a large amount when it was 2892 Satoshis, then bought some when it went up to 7300. Next, I bought again for 2653, and the last huge purchase was at 2224. But, I did not regret any of them at all even the 7300 one, but this caused that my ADA reached the 36% of my crypto portfolio .:slight_smile:

Anyway, if the price goes down close to 1000, I will definitely release some of my non-crypto investment (max 5%) to buy a lot.


I think, from a technical analysis perspective, there is not one logical reason to buy or hold this coin. Could it reverse tomorrow? Of course, But that isn’t what the probabilities are.

And how do you come to that conclusion lol.

Look at the chart.

it continues to make lower lows with barely any rallies.

What on that chart gives you reason for optimism?

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Ahhh I know what type of guy you are, the one I sell to at the top… Go find a top to buy.


I notice you didn’t answer the question.

Actually, I did…


You didn’t say why you were optimistic looking at the chart.