How ya'll hanging in there?


Trading ADA still? I see trading on the exchanges and just have to ask myself how do you all do it in the current trend? How do you make any return when the price continues to move down for month’s now?


waiting $0.02


Your avatar says it all.


Some really solid flushing, we are picking up speed now… Bitcoin looks like its going to the 2k, will probabbly take some months if it does.


Some really solid flushing, we are picking up speed now… If Bitcoin makes a new low looks like its going to 2k, will probably take a couple of months if it does.


This will be fast vicious and bloody.


I just heard about Cardano from a friend a few weeks ago. Jumped in at $.33, after watching videos, learning about their tech, approach, and ideology. Watching the red in my portfolio. But to be honest. I am optimistic about this community and the future that this project is capable of. I figure this will let me pick up a few more coins at the bottom.


I believe Central Banks leveraging Governments & leveraging MSM . . . Timing both together with big buys & sells - Pumps. What if Pumps are not what we think they are? What if they are designed to try and crash the market? What if we are at war?? We need exchanges to temporarily limit the amount of buys / sells at once by one acct. We have to limit the power of the biggest chip stacks from pushing everyone out of the pot


Nah all of this is just conspiracy-BS… Sorry but dont do this to yourself…


Get educated about the real world instead… Do you know how small and teeny tiny crypto is? we dont even have a bigger market-cap than one large company… We are a long time from fighting wars with anybody or even be considered a threat…


Its not us that started it . . . The War is being waged by the entities that wish to rule the world. I am fully aware of the Crypto Market Cap compared to world money. My point is simply this - Crypto is a movement, its a revolt. Period. The game was rigged, someone realized that and created a way to hedge against fiat.


Conspiracy used to be the most rational explanation . . . It became a crack pot idea only after JFK . . . That’s when they programmed the correlation between “conspiracy” & “irrational”


Well it should be correlated. I’ve spoken with enough “conspiracy nuts” to know. Completely detached from reality. 99.9% can be debunked right away with simple logic.


Well the conspiracy nuts themselves have made it correlated. I’ve spoken with enough of them to know. Completely detached from reality. 99.9% can be debunked right away with simple logic. Just look at flat-earth… Can you fucking believe it… That we have been so dumped-down that there could be a huge group in the US that believes the earth is flat…


Sigh. Understanding how Central Banking relates to wars, global poverty, exc is hardly a flat world or even aliens who are watching over us. Who controls the narrative? Who perpetuates divisions in societies & cultures? If the masses ever got along, if they ever united . . . History tells us what happens - they storm the castle. Its a cycle that never ends, all throughout history. But, if people are divided, distracted . . . Lied to?


masses getting along? lol… have you ever spend much time around people?


I actually get along with most people I meet - the vast majority. Its only when we enter with a preconceived notion, a filter . . . a specific narrative / perspective handed to us


Well let me tell you about the real world.

There is drama everywhere because people are intellectually retarded, just as you would fin drama in a group of apes, the less intelligent the less civilized you become. One of the reasons homosapiens survived over others similar species. Mass-stupidity will never get along, the best you can do is just separate them and let them live each his own.

Sure it doesn’t all boil down to intelligence, but on a aggregate basis it probably does.


Its a more complicated issue as it has to do with many internal things of a human - but there is drama everywhere, all the time… people dont even get along with their own families… So I would say rather than it being a giant orchestrated conspiracy it is much more like that it is just inherently human.


Hodling strong here, the project is fully funded so I’m not worried about the price. I think we have a good shot to rise from bitcoin’s ashes and emerge as the new king. if the whole market were to burn to the ground.

My entry is at 0.13 and anything below it.