I can only buy so many dips

I am a firm believer in the project and see a ton of potential but I can only buy so many dips. How long before the trend reversal?


I am hoping by end of Q1 2018…

I smiled at this :laughing:


Yeah, I agree I just stopped buying dips last week in little chunks.

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It just ended. Looking at the 5 day moving average and the double bottom close to 30, plus the recent move above 33.30, makes me think that it just ended. I look for it to go up to at least 40 by this time next week.

That was kinda the point. :smiley:

Will be interesting couple of weeks. Planning to hodl either way. :blush:

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You just made think…may be I should turn my Tron into Cardano…:grinning:

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I love the rises like everyone but it looks like it’s developing a good support level at the moment. There’s a little way to go before things really start moving for Cardano… be patient, it will


I noticed few good articles being written about Cardano recently so it looks like the message is really getting out there


Yup. There are a lot of us in this boat. I’m totally tapped.


Yup thats why we are going down.

The good news is, that when all the buyers are tapped, the sellers will have no more customers to offload their coins to so they’ll have no other option than to HODL with the rest of us til the price goes back up :wink:

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Nope, because what you are forgetting are those buyers are going to turn into sellers, once they are down 30-90% and have waited weeks, months or even years… Most people cannot handle that. Specially if they see something else on their radar that starts going up.

Possible that the whales who bought in at 2 cents are continuing to cash out. Do we have the geographic % distribution of ADA? Chances are 1% of the “community” has 90% of circulating ADA.

No - go do your research Cardano is very distributed compared to many other projects… and also it has nothing to do with whales or no whales, these are just stories, this is how the market functions. You are writing forum topics, asking when it will go up, when will it stop etc… Thats why we are going down, you are just one out of many in the same situation… For every 1 that writes in the forum there are probably 100 like you.

Do we have the geographic % distribution of ADA?

Most are JPY since the ICO was done there, its impossible to know the exact distribution now - but originally it was almost 100% Japanese - but it changes nothing.

I thought you already did your own research. We all know most are JPY, do you have more info than that?