I can only buy so many dips

Do you know what decentralized even means? Nobody has a clue who any owners are… Except from the ICO, since they did KYC… Once it hits the open market, no one could know the distribution… I mean we can use methods to do estimates, but we cant know “who” any new owners are.

Have you personally used any methods or seen any analysis? Please share with the community while I google “decentralized”.

Here is the genesis block Cardano | Home

Keep coin piling when the price goes down, that’s the secret. Your average buying price will go down. How i wish i have more btc to buy more of this stuff. I’m totally lovelaced by Ada.


I’ll keep piling until I turn into a WHALE !!..:sunglasses:

Careful, @ADALove will track you down and redistribute you!


LOL…0.29 cents right now…waiting for the 0.25 cent mark to buy more…


:rofl:…at this pace, I think the POE will go first, it keeps dropping while TRON is going up…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Yup - if someone wants to see Cardano add 10x to thier portfolio they will have to Hodl through complete despair possibly, I am about ready to chase gold myself and stop watching crypto everyday - makes me sick - if ADA ever ranks below #10 on https://coinmarketcap.com/ I am pretty sure it will take every thing I can do to hold to maintain my long position, we are just not wired to stop ourselves from cutting losses.

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I like you only have a few picks, and not a mass portfolio.

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Waiting for 20, I doubt I get the entry, dang it, was really looking forward to it.

I think before we can get to 0.20, it might go to like 0.25 and there is some kind of relief rally which will either be a bull trap or mark the bottom for now. I think the probabilities of a bull-trap is higher, but it is all about probabilities. I dont care, either way because I am strategically positioned - no matter which way it goes, I win. When that is said, I think it will be more healthy for the ADA to go to 0.10-0.05 - it might not happen, but it would be very healthy to stay there for a year or two trading in a solid range. It would stabilize things, flush out all weak hands, and get things focused on the technology rather than the flippers.

Litecoin could maintain a 100 M Market cap when no one cared. That was its organic support area… I think ADA can maintain a 1B market cap if we have entered a new bear market, it has a lot more substance than Litecoin ever had.

I searched Cardano in the news last week and 2 weeks before that, and 3 weeks before that and so on and on, And am pretty sure every crypto news outlet is now starting to report on Cardano which will do something crazy in the market that I can’t predict and Charles mentioned on twitter his interviews of the last couple days,could we really see 20 after the publicity in the crypto realm and if mainstream adopts the news will it affect my entry? Cardano has at least a small bullrun I think - might snag a couple in a trap but this next 2 weeks has me pumped.

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None of this will matter if we are in a giant crypto bear market, if we are in a giant cycle rinse. That would just mean that ADA will fall less, than these other coins. Shit-coins will go to 0, and the good coins will remain somewhat alive. What you would see here, is Cardano gaining market share, but still falling in price. That is a success in itself, and in reverse you would see Cardano going up more in a bullmarket… You get outperformance each way.

@jb455 I’ll take it, the next 2 weeks will tell the story of where ADA stands within the crypto sphere and also what we can expect from crypto IMO it is a fire that is to hot to look at less understand,
I do not want to see crypto dwindle yet as I can find good use in having 1500 chains to choose from, but I do look forward to 1/3 moving to the Cardano network via interoperable means or holding off to be cross chain compatible, would hate to see some of them go to zero.
I will be glad to see any type of outperformance, ADA is undervalued.

Just purchased my first ada and sp8de. Can’t wait to see them in action! I need a cryosleep. :slightly_smiling_face:

Be carefull with sp8de :thinking:

Yes but you are missing something. When Shelly is released, people gonna stake and pools will be formed. I think 0.05 - 0.1 is not realistic. But who knows?