We’re finally moving out of the 🐻 market

What are your target :dart: levels
Let’s get the trading discussion going
When to short?
When to buy back in?
What mistakes have you learned from the in the past year?
What strategies will you use to maximize your gains for the coming bull run?


I believe next six months will be full of opportunity to play the market. I intent to take full advantage.
Goal: 1 million :ada: before Decentralized, let’s get it!

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Events to keep track of;

Bitcoin ETF
Metaps Plus partnership
Shelly release/ Decentralization
Coinbase listing


The year 2025 + x


I am a terrible trader unless I know there is a free arbitrage. In the early days of 2018, there was in ETH markets. Now it’s hard to find it, BUT I think ADA arbitrage might work… need to dig up that old python script and change a few things for ADA trading.

EDIT: If you really want to do a good trade, get some ETH… every time XRP takes over, ETH goes up! its close now.


How is this going to help me get to a million :ada:?

Only interested in :ada:

Well, I have no idea about the shortterm movements of anything but I’m quite sure that in several years from now ADA will be worth more than it is today. So if my goal would be to own one million of it (which is way over my possibilities…), I would rather buy it soon than wait for too long. Maybe invest the same amount of money for the next tree months and hope for another low to come? Or invest everything now and hope for no new low to come? Noone can tell you which ist best…

I m not a good trader ( too attached to ADA )…
I made some money trading but I m too sentimental towards ADA, i can’t trade it now, I find hard to sell as I strongly believe in Cardano
Project! And once I traded other coins, I end up loading more ADA …
So, for now just enjoying studying markets

For XRP, it seems to me there is some pattern in its behaviour …


Can totally relate tot that. Way too attached to ADA and all my other coin profits just went into ADA. I’d rather fully commit myself to a project I believe in instead of gambling on other coins. To me ADA never was and never will be a gamble.


Trading is only for the few who have spent their lives studying market trends.

I can do without your personal life motto.

just to touch on this a bit…and obviously, not my intention to hurt anyone’s feelings, so will try to keep this as short and sweet…

in terms of being a “Trader”, i agree its for those who have spent their lives studing market trends…HOWEVER…what real market trends do we have to study and follow when Cardano is just barely a year old? My friend Michael and I always go back and forth on this, and i say In terms of the Crypto space in general, the whole thing is still young, and actually we are creating the market trends that others 10,20,30 years from now, will analyze, etc etc.

So to @SeanAlimov i say, trade if you like, its your money at the end of the day, and really there is no historical charts on this. We are the historical charts that the future generations will look too.

But to @SeanAlimov :slight_smile: i humbly ask… and to all who read this and are investing in Ada…for god sake, once you buy Ada, HODL it, dont trade it, dont sell it, dont tether it when it drops, Please leave Ada alone lol If you want to trade, thats fine, trade with other crypto currencies. This is how i believe we can keep the price of Ada steadily increasing. Let Ada be that one coin you dont f with, excuse my language haha

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What about when it goes up? Should I not sell it when it hits the peek? Just to buy back in at a lower mark and increase my :ada: holdings. This is from my personal experience riding the wave from past January doing nothing but HODLing and dollar cost averaging. I have followed the advice you’re giving here, it has been my own perspective not so long ago. However have I tried something different I would have already been half way to my goal of 1million :ada:. We live we learn, and I don’t intent to make same mistakes twice.

This is very sweet and all but this is not a discussion on should you or should you not trade, no one is asking permission, I would say peer pressure fades out during high school. This is a discussion on optimal trading positions, heads up when crashes are coming, shorting opertunities and so on…and in general; advice that can cost someone their hard earned money, when they need to feed themselves and their families is best avoided.

It’s been 10years for bitcoin, there is quite a bit of data out there already
And for those of you who would like to reserve trading to a small select group of people I give you Bane:
Stock trader: this is a stock exchange, there’s no money you can steal
Bane: Then why are you people here?

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haha yes,no one is telling you what you should do or not do and i apologize if it came out that way. I was only hoping you would take interest in my suggestion and not use Ada for trading. My reason is, for every Ada locked up and unavailable on the market , that can only be a good thing for the price of Ada.

As for selling when it hits peek? My friend, i ask you consider this, if no one ever sold when it hits peak (btw peek is impossible to determine, just your personal opinion), the price may never go back down and continue to rise… now if it just keeps rising, then taking a risk to sell because you think its at its peak, maybe cause you to loose more potential gains. Its in the Math, but for my suggestion to work, we all have to be participants in my Evil Plan and Hodl Ada muahaha

i refer you to the supply demand equation… less supply …more demand…= rising Ada cost.

That being said, just wanted to give my 2cents, for what its worth.


The first 10 years of bitcoin will be totally useless 100 years from now. In my opinion, we are still paving the roads for this industry. in time, once institutional money comes in and wall street enters etc etc…it will be a whole new ball game. New data and trends will emerge, thus scraping all previous notions and historical data. No one really looks at the first years of Amazon or Microsoft or Apple. Those are the infancy stages of a company and should not hold any merit.

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That’s not true. A lot of people analyze the beginning of successful and less sucessful companies to get the reasons of their success/fail. And we learn a lot comparing Cardano’s (and others’) early days with the development of IBM, Netscape, Yahoo, Orkut, Facebook, Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Apple …

It’s all about the right moment, luck, capital, influence, connections, leaders, teams, concept, structure, marketing …


I don’t think we are moving out of bear market now, I speculate (!) that we will stay in bear market for at least more six months.
So there is no reason why you shouldn’t use the daily volatility and day trade with ADA as you can with every other coin. But day trading is nothing else than speculation: gambling. There is no reliable short time prediction possible. You may win or you may lose; but in the end you will lose because you will miss the last dip or the last peak.

I prefer hodling.