Tapped Out (for now)

Hey everyone, I’ve put the amount of money I’m comfortable with into Cardano (ADA) for the time being… so I’m tapped out. So I’m going to be on the sidelines for the foreseeable future… unless of course, we see a significant decline in Cardano (ADA) to sub $0.10, then I may dig into my piggy bank a little more.

For me Cardano is a long term play. I’m hoping to hold on to it until I can spend it natively, without the need for fiat, so maybe 2025.

Just a reminder to everyone though:

Only invest what you can afford to lose.


In the same exact position. Good luck.

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Excellent advice…after today’s purchase of ETH to trade for ADA, I am down to the last 1500 dollars (from the original amount I decided to gamble)…those will stay in the bank in the event it goes sub 0.10…I have a little closer goal, I am looking at 2023 (5 years from now)

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