Happy Friday! How is your Ada trading today

Who’s with me!!!


I had a specific target of ADA holding that I finally reached…and then proceeded to buy more :slight_smile:


Good for you brother. Best of luck making it big league with Ada. I think the Cardano brand is going big time by June when staking kicks in. I can just live it one day at a time and I think today was a good day to buy ₳₳₳ and more ₳₳₳₳₳₳₳₳



I’m trying to reach my specific target as well before staking begins.


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I Picked up a few, can’t spend a paycheck on it, but it is possible that we will remember our 20c investment when we pick up some LoveLace at 20c, you never know…


I know the feeling. I can’t tell if I’m such a believer in ADA or actually addicted to buying it at such an incredible deal. I too have a specific goal in mind… somewhere between a boat load and an A$$ ton.

(I just took a loan out to buy more ADA next week)


Holy man! Do not get Rekt with the new news and new regs, I strictly have been picking it up with only what I can afford to lose cause I have been following crypto since 11 or 12, but if it makes you happy that is cool too, nothing can replace that.

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Wow and i thought i was bad… major dont want to miss out on this ride.

Im selling anything and everything i have to buy more !


I just had to post this - gotta crank it up a notch sometimes. Definitely don’t want to miss this ride!


volume is way down…bitcoin is fading…be patient…it should get cheaper still

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I agree…Bitcoin is the market mover…as long as Bitcoin is moving in a sideways/downtrend…most likely ADA will follow it…I stopped buying at 19 cents…I am watching closely and patiently…I think ADA will go somewhere between 10-15 cents if Bitcoin hits 7K