Ada tanking?

Woooo it is hurting guys to see cardano today so going under water dont have any clue why its that way??? Overall crypto is also down but not so as ada🤔 omg omg🤨

mmmh long time before market trend reversal. very, long, time. accumulate or desesperate…

Accumulate,accumulate thats what i have done every month to bring my average to 0.04$ still gone buy more to have a huge warehouse full of ada😁 asap brighter days will come believe so much in this project and in mr charles hoskinson and team is best on the planet💪


nice to read you, keep on, good project here.
accumulate btc too :joy: :joy: :joy:

Ofcourse it will be $100 in january

100$ then i give a party in amsterdam
All forum members invited,air ticket &hotel paid by me😁

I’m in! I’ll probably be in Amsterdam in Feb for a trade show.

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You are welcome donny,lets rock in amsterdam with ada @ 100 bucks

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hey, how do you feel now with an average of 0.4$?

Tanking? Not sure I am seeing it tank at the moment. Getting great support.

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Hey ada friend feeling great with cardano,bought more in 4th q of 2018 a big pile @0.03300 so my average price drops to 0.036$ let the party begin gone be 2 great year for ada 2020/21.have nothing on my bank allin ada,bank dont give me any shit on my money zero !!! So like to invest in ada spare bucks😉