Ada move pls!

Strong upward movement btc
12k$ broken like glass
Why ada is not above 0.10$ ??,?
Dominance btc looks like breaking to 85/88%
Btc the big boy!!!

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It’s a good question. Why ada has steady downward trend?

Down to .03

With the arrival of Shelley and the listing of the ADA at COINBAES, the price will come to 1$, I hope so.

Nope not even a long shot. .28 I feel is fair.

Most alts are getting crushed right now… it’s a market cycle… Cardano won’t see a real uptick until alts see an uptick, or until they finish Shelley and Goguen - these two pieces are fundamental to incentivizing holders and buyers.

Staking will give a reason for people to hold ADA (currently there is no reason) and Goguen will provide smart contract functionality which promises that the network might actually be used.

Because Cardano has been slow to implement, I don’t expect any precipitous price appreciation until mid to late 2020. We might see market cycles bump price in the interim, but this is the era of “It has to do something useful or GTFO”. I’m old enough to remember the dot com boom and subsequent rebuild and this feels very familiar.

In my view, if Cardano is able to deliver on their promises and attract top level dApps developers they have a shot competing against incumbents like ETH, Tezos, Algo, etc… but this is all TBD!

Ada is in an inverse pattern to BTC and alts for the last 1-2 weeks. This morning is somewhat strange. I’m still on the sidelines for the down trend and buying at .03 I imagine.

This is not financial advice in any way.