ADA JUMPS 12%! Next stop 0.12?

ADA is leading the market with 12% increase in price. It’s back in top 10.

What’s next?

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$0.10 is major overhead price resistance. If this breaks above $0.10 and Bitcoin continues to consolidate, there’s not much above until $0.20.

A lot of alts have been hammered in their sat ratio and look to be putting in a bottom here.

What I can make up from the present 4hr one month chart, I anticipate side trading for the coming 3-4 days and in the region of €0.067291 - 0.083111. I am not a financial adviser and this is just my opinion. Just sharing my view and should not be treated as a financial advice. Please do your own research and come to your own conclusions.

It only takes 1 picture of CH in Nikkei Newspaper ( I cannot read Japanese) and viola ADA is green while others are red.

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, he must have said something useful too.

Good to see ADA eyeing $0.20. I think ADA could zoom past $0.10 in the coming days by itself then ride on the coattails of BTC once it starts picking up steam later this week and early next.

Keep in mind that BTC broke the 8000 USD resistance and now it’s trading at 8200 as we speak. Cardano broke the €0.083 resistance too. Hope nice days ahead!

It depends a lot on BTC price… if we keep this range then I expect alts to have a bit of a rally in the next month or so. Most everything is still tied to BTC.

Unless they released the test net, otherwise $ADA price still depending on $BTC. Remember, once $BTC sneezed, 90% of all other coins will get sick.


you are right.

Lol next stop 0.05

I think we’re seeing ADA quite stable in the range of 8~9 cents. which is good. I read that the testnet will deploy this mid June, hopefully there are no delay again and we’re waiting to apply to mainnet.

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