ADA price question


I want to buy some ADA, i thought the price would be stable at 0.12 or maybe lower, lately there is an increase at 0.13, I don’t know if I should buy now or if I should wait a bit?

I have 0.05BTC and right now but I don’t know what to do, is ADA going to increase and never go back in price ?
By the way, is there a reason why is ADA increasing ? (no announcements as im aware)

If some wise people can give me answer that would be cool !

Sorry for bad english :slight_smile:

It’s moving up, buying now might give you the lowest price anymore… Just my opinion.

Read up on it then decide for yourself, you shouldnt take investment advice from anyone =)

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It’s your call because everyone will give you an opinion.

My opinion would be buy now and hold into mid to late 2018.

ADA should begin showing up on other exchanges next year, which probably boost the price by itself.


Yes on technical analysis this has shown pretty good resistance at 0.10. Bear in mind it did go up 160% recently, this is crypto it’s volitile AF.

I suggest you do some research on the coin and buy into the tech behind it. Think of it as an investment and not a quick profit trade. We all want to make money and this coin has some serious potential (but so do many others). It’s your money man put it where you want. I have mine spread here, XLM, LTC,BTC. I occasionally dip in and out of some others depending on market volatility; however, those 4 are my main as I believe in the tech and ability for mainstream adoption the most.

My main concern with this coin up until
Mid 2018 is that it’s early days and it can get dry between development news. Also the majority of buyers are ‘hodlers’ seen through the relatively low 24hr trade volumes. In basic this means that between news, you will see a very steady bleed on the coin validation.

In addition you are looking at a max 10usd valuation due to coin supply. This could potentially go to 100usd if mainstream adoption went into full affect, but there is no chance of it hitting 10000usd or above… there is just not enough money on the market for that.


Where did this chart come from. I’m trying to find an ADA chart expressed against USD$ not BTC to get some true perspective.

Hi @JayCee !

Pretty sure it is from CoinMarketCap

Personally I use Coincheckup because they have several very informative tabs when you click on each coins ( Investment, Purpose, Predictions, Analysis etc…) In addition to cool investment stats :slight_smile:

I think it will cruise oround 600-900 b till 2018 then 8.12 was very low but bittrex fucked me with pending…

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Yea not sure about bittrex, going to give binance a ago.

It really depends on your strategy and your outlook on the project. Everyone will have their own opinion - my strategy is to dollar cost average until at least Q2 2018 - therefore, I buy every week regardless of the price. If the project delivers on what many of us believe based on our speculation, a few fiat cents here and there doesn’t matter much in the long term.


Yeah you must be right, anyway I was sure to buy ADA, it’s done now, I’ll probably invest again till february or march, At worse I won’t lose money at best I will gain more than with my bank lol.

Btw, thanks for the answers guys.

Nice. Hadn’t seen that site before. Thanks!

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