When to buy ada

Hi im fairly new to crypto. I purchased a little ada at 3cent last week. Any advice off some experienced traders as when would be the best time to buy again after its recent price surge?

Thanks jim

I personally try to accumalte as much as I can. When you belive this coin will reach 1 dollar one day then the current price is wonderfull. Offcourse we want to have a lot of coins for as cheap as possible. So at this point just under 0.10 cent should be good entry point. But waiting to long can be painfull if the price goes up. If you are not a whale trader you can not affect the price so much. So it is basically having luck or going with the feeling. So for now under 0.10 should ve good entry point. But you deside when to jumo in. Good luck mate.


First of all, your first position at 3cents is fantastic. Congrats on getting in prior to the price surge that we’ve had in the last few days (we may not see 3 cents again). My strategy has been to dollar cost average into positions and hold for the long term. I’m an active investor - not a trader. Any prediction on price is pure speculation - my recommendation to new investors is to dollar cost average (buy X amount of ADA on a regular basis until you hit the trading limit that you’re comfortable with).

Hope that helps!



Ok thanks for your advice ghost, persia. I think ill wait out abit longer hopefully Price will drop abit👍

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I think the price can drop a little - it surged quite a bit on a small amount of time.

I know it everyone’s dream to buy as low as possible and see the value soar. But I would rather buy now, see it drop and then rise again than to miss out on the great opportunity we have now.

I will do as @persia recommends: Buy for X dollars each month. I really see this project going the distance!

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Great strategy! I’m doing the same thing! :slight_smile:

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There’s not enough history for me to confidently determine if price will breakout or go down after it’s done going sideways. So I’ve been accumulating as much as I can for now. If it drops then I will buy more.

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You can either wait for the next dip or invest in the dev team/roadmap. Leadership/dev team seems solid on this one.

The established floor appears to be at around .11 cents for ADA. We are not going to see anything below that. Certainly not the 0.02 cents I got in at. Expect to see price fluctuation between .11 and .13 cents through the end of the year. Breakout to .15 cents and higher will happen when ADA passes the market cap of MIOTA. If the market flips and you see ADA for anything below .11 cents - BUY. Otherwise hold ADA for at least 9 months to allow for institutional money to enter the market (starting Q2CY18) and gauge impact. Once institutional money enters, expect to see a runup on Bitcoin and Altcoins with strong fundamentals and strong teams (like ADA). Marketcap size and circulating supply questions aside, anything less than $2 by the summer of 2018 is only a modest win in my opinion.


Why do you think Q2 18 will be when the institutional investors come to the market? I think the hurdle for the regulatory challenges will not be cleared by then for lets say pensionfunds. It’s still extremely volatile and an unregulated market, something which not sits well with them due to the obligations they have.

However I agree with you that when they come… The inflow will be huge.

Great advice thankyou all. Ada down to 0.115, would now be a good time to buy? Thanks :+1:

I’m buying today I’m in for the long haul… I can’t see any big drops with this one it’s looking good all round… Grab them while you can and hold :+1:

Cheers mate, im using coinbase best i purchase ethereum then send to bittex or bitcoin?

Hi Jimmy,

I am trying to buy the coin for 6 days now. I was thinking about Coinspot, but it seems to be fairly expensive. They sell each coin for 0.18 cents, but I do not know if buying elsewhere with fees would be better. So I think about buying on coinbase, but not bitcoin because it is fluctuating too much.

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You can buy ada on bittrex with bitcoin or ethereum

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Hi Jimmy sorry about vanishing earlier got a Christmas tree delivered. Ghost is spot on :+1:

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After today’s selloff, I see ADA at 10 cents a bargain. I’m buying more tonight.

I was thinking the same i still haven’t purchased anymore since starting this thread, tonight or tomorrow would be best? Im assuming it’s because of bitcoins surge and bitcoin futures? Which is going live sunday? I was hoping for sub 10-9 cents

Isn’t CoinSpot in Australian dollars? That accounts for the higher price?

All sites have a high price because we need to go FIAT-BITCOIN/ETHER - ADA. A lot of fees. Coinspot does not make business easy for investors. And yes, you are right, CoinSpot has an extra fee USD/EUR etc - AUD - BITCOIN / ADA etc.