Is it now the best time to grab more ADA?

While this writing the current price is 0.048400. Can we see lower price then that? After Shelly some said, it will drop? how many cents it will drop? Or it will only increases cause of Bull run?

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This is not what you want to hear but nobody can answer your questions and I would be very leery of anyone telling you otherwise. You should do some more research and find out if you really like the project and if you find value in it. Best of luck to you and I am quite confident that once you realize what an amazing project Cardano is, you will realize how undervalued it is. Cheers!


Are you buying more :ada:?

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The main traders I have looked at today are still calling for a drop in BTC. My gut tells me Ada will see some organic growth regardless of BTC as staking sets in. And I suck at calling the market ( not financial advice ) :grinning:

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Genius it will $10 in 10 years

In very general terms, this is almost like asking, “Is now the best time to plant a tree?” I realize that buying in at ATH is foolish, and there are likely dips to come that may re-test the low, but “too soon” vs “too late” is, by & large, the better time to get in. IMO, of course.

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At this point ADA is within about $.02 from when it hit exchanges in the fall of 2017. Dollar Cost Averaging is your friend so it doesn’t hurt to keep buying during this bear market.

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Nice reply man!
Crypto trading is so unpredictable, after spending some time in the space someone can develop an idea of what “might” happen, but there are so many variables that can change everything that there is no saying which way things could go, I am sure a war room team could develop a good idea of where to place their bets but if someone is to follow the known tech charts and use them they might find themselves completely surprised, whether it be up or down crypto does not really fall within the normal TA patterns - it almost has its own.

For longtime hodlers buying at these levels from 0.02700 up to0.03500 is getting your average down if you bought very high and stick to your plan till 2025 for sure.
Cheers big time fan of ada