Are we out of the woods yet?

Looks like we’re on the up and up from here on out!

Share your thoughts…

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This only happened about 15 times in the last 2 month.
Unless we are at least above $0.30/ADA I think we are not out yet


Still too early to tell. Depends on btc if it keeps the current slow uptrend or takes another dip but either way my guess is the market should be done correcting at least by the time ada staking happens and ada should show nice gains this summer.


I read this yesterday for what it is worth:

Murphy’s law trumps Metcalfe’s law generally though from what I’ve seen.

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There was also this news today:

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Checked the Ada price this morning, was at 0.16
Went on my bank account app wondering what ramen noodles to get for lunch :drooling_face:
Was pleasantly surprised to find my tax refund waiting for me there :money_mouth_face::thinking: well…you know the rest :smirk:


Not just yet. We are still in a downtrend. Markets oscillate, and we are at the top of an oscillation. The price will retract, but as long as the retraction does not make a lower low we are not in the downtrend. We would at least be consolidating.

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@Jesse_Gazelle_Glass Charts look optimistic so far, think it’s temporary??

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I think we are out of the woods on Ada because Charles’ twitter account grew from 72,000 to 78,000 followers in the last month. Good sign.


Already 20 steps ahead of you. I look at this daily. Not only the 4hour, but the daily and 1hour chart. There’s a lot of variables and factors into why markets move the way they do. Cryptos move more on a fundamental basis (Money Flow vs MAs), than patterns, candles, etc. Charts (1hour, 4hour, and daily) do not look optimistic unless you are looking at a 5 min or 15 min for the past day. Everything we see right now is short term unless there was a piece of news I missed, but I am doubtful on that. However, I will say that it does look like we are hitting close to rock bottom, and we might see more consolidation until we see some type of catalyst breaking this trend.

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@Jesse_Gazelle_Glass image

Love the attitude! :handshake:

Of course you’re right, conservative thinking is safe thinking. My rationale; I want to catch it right at the beginning (before it’s obvious,) and willing to take the risk for a little edge. My gut is telling me we’re getting pretty close. Hopefully stacking will get initiated sooner then later. On the other hand wouldn’t mind picking up more Ada as well, so in a way it’s a win-win either way.

@Jesse_Gazelle_Glass really appreciate your input, it’s making me analyze things a little closer, which is always a good thing

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Thanks! But why try find the bottom? Let the bottom happen and then on the upward trend, buy in on the pullbacks, minimizing your risk to the down side.

Sensible advise, I guess I’m developing a bit of a gambling spirit. Thats definitely a strategy I’ll implement in the future :+1:

I think we will be oscillating in the 0.10 to 0.30 cents range until we go decentralized…once a “crapload” of ADA is “removed” from the market (committed to staking)…we will start seeing nice gains…that’s just an opinion without any TA’s or scientific analysis. Additionally, I hope a lot of “shitty” projects and scams go under and disappear…I would love to see the crypto market limited to 500 coins/tokens or less…that will really help to the value of good projects.


I am hoping to see .10 USD and I will buy more!

@pesuazo wouldn’t staked Ada be counterbalanced with the newly minted Ada? I guess It’ll depend on the percentage you get back. I’m expecting 2-5%, what do you think?

I think the first year will be about 8 percent, then 7, 6 5, 4 percent dropping each year as time goes on maybe 3 percent per year the next 20 years or so.

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:drooling_face: 8% sounds delicious. Hope your right!

Anybody have an educated guess regarding “staking period?” How long will your Ada be frozen? An hour? A day? A week?.. before you can stake it again

I do not think the minted ADA would be an impact…since the newly minted would be a very small number compared to what would be “locked” in staking…additionally, I would think a lot of people will also lock the new minted ADA to increase their share in staking (that will be my strategy for the first 2-3 years)

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