TIme to buy ADA

Well, the basic line is violated. This will not stand, this will not last. Headed down to heartbreak,1 2

Below the basic line, I dont care if it goest to 550 satoshi, if your liquidation is below 500 or your a buyer of ada, it is cheaper than the basic line, always always always buy below the basic line if development is steady.1


My entry kissanime point is quiet lower than this so i dont need to think letgo about it if crashes.

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I’m starting to feel optimistic (about a market turn around) for whatever that is worth.

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Donnybaseball, I think I can join your optimistic point of view. Now we actually have a hope that ADA will bring us some profits. I’ve read that this coin is pretty similar with eth and it uses Haskell (programming language), in such case ada is quite promising investment.