Booooom btc!

Omg am i dreaming over 12000$ btc, man ada must explode now just a small hurdle this 0.10$ why taking that much time?? Must flow some capital towards alts,special to miss lovelace.

Lol after btc dump, ADA $0.0001 lol.

@bluecryptonite Please feel free to short ADA at bitmex. We will look for you at #REKT


Bitcoin mooning is good for the space… I’m into ADA but I think you should own Bitcoin if you’re a speculator… it’s the only ‘killer app’ in the space.

Alt ratios have been absolutely crushed on this move which is discouraging for short term traders, but patience is key here.

If history repeat, we should see some price appreciation in the top 50 alts once BTC settles down and consolidates for a bit. In the last cycle, alts really took off once price moved above prior ATH. If we break $20k this year (seems possible) then we’ll see risk-on investors push some capital into the most promising alts.

Any average investor would do better by investing in eth/btc than in ada , which under-performs even in bullish market. Cardano is excellent academic initiative, unfortunately till now disappointment in tech and business delivery.

ADA went from $0.02 up to $1.30 over the course of about 2.5 months. Please elaborate how that is under-performing?

lol one time hype deal , compare it with eth at that time which made lot of people millionaires. additionally good luck selling few hundred K to few million units efficiently.

Bitcoin market dominance is way up at the moment. Money from alts always goes to btc for the ride up. When the btc correction hits, money will flow back to alts. Just the normal way it works. Meanwhile, I’ll just pick up some more ADA.


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If it goes down to .0001 cents I’m buying in hXc

That was a new unknown project.Overhype.
Alts do strugle to outperform on the long run.

Cardano foundation. Iohk and emergo have a shit ton of coins to sell. I suspect they will keep the price boring for years with an agreed ark of sales. Remember when vchain had huge developments but little to no price changes … ?