A reminder on the BTC rise

Bitcoin just topped 14k. Pretty monumental if you think about it. However, futures start next week. In essence, that means that folks will be able to short (bet against) Bitcoin.

I see no reason why folks wouldn’t pump the market, place the shorts, sell the gains, cause the dip and win the short.

Just some thoughts.


Crazy crypto space.

i believe this is exactly what is happening. im not looking forward to the next couple of weeks. im going to buy more ADA, no way im getting on the fomo train right now with bitcoin. 2 weeks i think bitcoin could lose half of its value

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I’ve been working toward 10k Ada. I started at 5k and am around 8800. BTC just went from 14.5k to 13.5k in minutes. I don’t think this is healthy but trying to get my piece o’ the pie!


well i only have 800 ADA right now but im hoping to keep adding to my investment. After i saw IOTA blow up, and knowing what kind of team Cardano has there is no reason ADA cant be worth even more than IOTA.


I for one believe it will be. Not only monetarily but technologically. I mean the trifecta between IOHK, Cardano and Emurgo covers so much ground while keeping checks and balances in place.

Something not many, if any, are taking upon themselves to deliver.


Iota wallets are the worst I’ve ever used… Problem after problem with it.

I held IOTA briefly. Their wallet was what made me sell. Perhaps not the smartest thing but it is things like this that turn folks off.

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yes it really is the little things. you can tell that cardano is very detail oriented, their wallet is amazing and their website is a wealth of information. im surprised its still only .11-.12 cents

Spent hour after hour trying to get my credits back… I sold them all as well didn’t have the patience with the wallet :joy:

I’m not. 26 billion coins is difficult (not impossible) to manipulate. Keeping organic growth is one of the intentions of the devs per Charles. I think it was undervalued at .02 but hitting .15 in one day is not natural and as we can see, it’s kept 2/3 of that value.

I’m no mathamagician but I think this has been a proper correction.

I will be buying in the morning… Looking forward to it :+1:

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i just bought another 500 ada so now im over 1k! my goal will be to own 10k as well. it will be fun to look back at this post and see that i only paid $.12 for 1!


14k is crazy! I was so excited to see this. And to think it was way to high at 19 bucks. :crazy_face:

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Thanks for the heads up Jinmi.

@Scotlad @Jinmi Same here. Sold my IOTAs because of their wallet. Too complicated to use and network is unreliable. The problems with their network are also not isolated cases which is very disturbing. It’s like I would need tech-support everytime I have to transfer. I don’t know why they decided to release it for public use.

…and then I transfered my Adas to Daedalus. I have no doubts this one’s a keeper.

In short, user experience says a lot about the quality of a product.


I agree. The herd will get trampled.

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True and I’m a big ADA fan. However there is the UCL wallet and possible Nano S support on the way for IOTA so their wallet being crap might not be enough reason to sell.

The network problems are more concerning. However, I think that is cancelled out by all the massive companies they have on board. AFAIK they need masses of IOT chips to be out in the world for it to work properly, which seems like a tall order, but because they are partnered with companies that will do just that it actually looks like they can pull it off.

Yeah. The project is really promising with very innovative ideas. I believe there is enough space for multiple currencies in the future and I hope they succeed so people have several options.

This is exactly what’s happening. At one point it topped 19K USD. This is all froth. On the bright side, when BTC rise, altcoins take a slight dip. Use as an opportunity to purchase ADA.