Cardano to de-throne Bitcoin Cash this month!

I’m making a prediction that Cardano will de-throne Bitcoin Cash for the #4 market cap spot this month. And it is coming after Ripple and Ethereum once staking goes live!


I like your enthusiasm.

$7b to go.


I will take the contrarian’s perspective:

We’ll see ADA drop to 7th, maybe 8th-10th place on Coinmarketcap, until staking starts and interest picks up again.

The crypto markets get bored quickly :wink:


I see that it has now dropped to 6th…

I think you are right.
Staking will be a really important for the price increase

And now down to 7th…

Its good that it goes down, we need to build a solid base to go higher. 8B valuation is of course insane at this point. The longer the better, 3 months to three years it could take, and thats fine. Flush out all weak hands, and great for accumulation. The last crypto bear was about a year, for many alt-coins 4 years - if we have entered a bear-market then it will definitely go on for more than a year this time around.

I think there will be some solid organic support for Cardano at 0.10-0.05 cents - regardless of what BTC does. This is the best thing that could happen to ADA, that it goes into a long-term range where it basically looks dead, this is the rinse phase.

There is a lot of amateur money in crypto, more than any other market, and they are to be taught many lessons - there is no free launch, and 90-98% will lose money, just like in any other market.

As in any market There will be smaller segment of investors and traders that will make a large sum of money, a long with the ICO Sellers, they will probably make the most and with the least risk.

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very insightful comment thanks. I been wondering why we have been trading sideways for weeks…

10 cents. Good lord how bear do you think this market is. Have you seen what been happening over the last couple days. The market finished correcting what three weeks ago? If you actually think that we are going back to 10 or 5 cents then you dont need strong hands you need to figure out when to empty them. If you dont think there will be allot of new money coming into crypto this year then what are you doing here? Give the market alittle time before you predict a GoT style winter.

Yeh. Like Litecoin, it went to 30$ in 2013, and then traded for 2-5$ for 4 years, and then in 2017-2018 it went to 450. The reason it went that high so fast, was because of the 4 year accumulation/rinse period where all litecoin went to strong hands. This is the period where everyone gives up. Everybody that wanted to sell, had already sold and this supply wont come on the market before much higher prices. This still doesn’t make litecoin a good project though.

This is the typical opinion of people that have never experienced markets other than the crypto-market. ADA might go straight up from here, but it might not, and it is not even likely, the market doesn’t just hand over easy money to the masses. It never happens and it never will.

The market is designed to flow money from inefficient liquidity providers to the efficient, and very few has the skills to provide efficient liquidity since it is a highly competitive market with extremely intelligent people and AIs - inefficient liquidity is bad for the overall market, so yes it might hurt the individual for losing his/her funds but it helps the collective.

If you are a trader, buying/selling, your all in with all your funds, or have a time-span time on your investment that is only a few years, and you will sell if you dont get performance rather than looking at fundamentals then you are a liquidity provider.

If ADA goes down and you feel bad = liquidity provider
if ADA goes down and you feel great = Investor - as you are buying into value, and anything cheaper than you bought in at is just more bang for the buck (or at least perceived value, as the investor might be wrong in his or her decision) I would of course classify the crypto-market as a highly speculative investor, rather than a value investor, but the overall point remains the same.

Investing is a very tough market too, but being a liquidity provider is at least 100 times tougher.

Cardano is already up more than 50.000% in two years, and the only reason people there are a bunch of people that are up that much is simply they couldn’t even sell, had they been able to sell and trade the market, very few of them would have made the 50.000% return. Some would have sold, some would try to time the market etc etc. and for many of those who got “lucky” in the crypto market, well most of them will give back all of their earnings to the market over time.

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Yes, somehow it feels like it will fall a bit further down, I can’t put my finger on it. I’ve no logical explanation for why that would be, just a gut feeling.

How did you arrive at 50k% figure?

Currently returns on pre-sale Ada in USD is closer to 14k% (0.338/.0024)

Still incredibly high, regardless

You are right, I pulled out the number from someone doing the math when the price was above 1$, its about 14.000% right now :slight_smile: But as you say, Its still a lot and that was the main point.

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Nano raiblocks price was 7 cents in december. it was 32 dollars at peak …down to 6 now up to 15…Last may it was half a sent. This is not another market nor the same incarnation of this one. of course nano only has 150,000,000 coins so you know theres that.