Wait Until Coinbase Lists ADA...You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet!

That’s when ADA gets a rocket booster under its butt and heads for uncharted prices that will mint many new millionaires!
This summer your dreams could come true!


It was always just a matter of when! I agree we will see a nice boost.


has this happened yet?

Not yet at some point between now and Q1 of next year. Really hard to say exactly when.

ok ok lets us buy more ada and get more staking awards man cardano is stil so cheap​:rocket::v:

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We will see a boost but I don’t foresee exponential growth based solely on a CB listing. What will be interesting is to see if the chain holds the gains after the announcement.

Looking at the history of many initial CB listings is they pump and then they drop back down (short term). In the long run of course it will be a positive to increase access to ADA.

Increasing awareness, and access, for the possibility for main stream adoption, is always exciting! I hope ADA is listed on CB

The timing will definitely be interesting. Hopefully it builds from the work on Goguen. I keep waiting for the day when the “market” figures out that everything Charles has been saying about Cardano is true.


Been trying to jump aboard the good ship lollipop threw coinbase by debit card to bitcoin to trade exchange to ADA wallet. I have bought a ticket in the cargo hold, but want to invest more into such a project. I may eat dinner on the upper decks some day.

To lazy too wire money. Never underestimate the easy way. You know the phrase…“if it was easy everyone would do it.”

Once you can acquire ADA via debit, watch out !!

If you use the Bittrex exchange you can use a debit card. I did it yesterday. Good luck!

It cost me $30 to transfer $1000.
The money was able to be used instantly after deposit.
Pretty friggin’ awesome improvement over their previous method of deposit!
Crypto on, willworkforada!

I am trying out a new social media modeling on price points (similar to quantitative modeling utilized with social market analytics). Running this calculation on 12/2/2020

Shows a prediction of over hype almost like a 80+ RSI. I am still refining the metrics but if its correct we are likely to see a sub $0.12 Ada price in the next 30 days. We are currently at ~$0.15 which suggests a potential short term downside of 20%+. Curious to see how this analysis pans out.

I have fiat locked and loaded for the dip. Good luck everyone and happy new year

Interesting. If Bitcoin takes a plunge down to the 13K to 15K range I would definitely see that as possible.
The most interesting rumor I’ve heard is that Cardano will be the backbone for a Coinbase service that lets people issue their own coins. Total rumor at this point but would be pretty cool.


Hello, I am new to crypto. I think it’s interesting to bet on Cardano now because it might be listed soon on Coinbase (is it a guarantee)? Did any coin listed on Coinbase actually lost value once listed, or did they all get a boost?

Sorry for the total noob question: on which exchanges as a West European do you recommend me to buy Cardano?

Where can I learn about crypto in general? Can anyone point me to a resource for a total beginner as an introduction to the crypto world, and other resources more specifically to learn about the Cardano project?

Once I purchase coins on the exchange, which wallet do you recommend me to use?

I’ve read through past posts and the biggest critic to my understanding is the delay of the projects and developments. Has that generally improved over the years?

You can start with “Inside the Cryptkingdom”, wich is available in youtube.

Once you get some know-how about blockchain tech and dapps (smart contracts), I recommend this video of C.H., The Island, The Ocean and the Pond (Soon) - YouTube. Wich in my opinion should be a must watch for anyone who isn’t sure about this project already.

I can show you other docs about cryptos, but their availability is different.

Heres how to buy it: How to buy Cardano (ADA) | a step-by-step guide

Keep in mind that Binance is a exchange house, wich means that if you want to exchange ADA for € and then withdraw you will need Coinbase. If you want I can tell you exaclty how I did purchase my ADA. I personally use Yoroi, beacuse my laptop is very old and Daedalus is heavy.

The Cardano project is being developed since 2015, and to keep this pace of swimming in completely uncharted waters and delivering, anything I said would fall behind. Going on, and seeing what other blockchains are offering, 12 years later since the first official deploy, I personally don’t consider that Cardano is lagging.
Cardano is going to revolutionize the entire world in the next 5/10 years.