Coinbase (announced *possible*) listing! Gradz to all cardano holders :)

11% jump in value in the last hour, despite BTC staying low.
I think that the best trading strategy from now on will be simply holding :slight_smile:

Again gradz everyone!


I do find it interesting that Cardano was the first name listed on the announcement, though it is not alphabetically so.

I thought this too. Now I suspect it is alphabetical by ticker, eg: ADA, BAT, XLM, ZEC, ZRX

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I think something weird is happening … I may sound paranoid ( maybe ) yet I believe something is going on … the 24h volume is really low for this value of ADA from what should be … normally is near 100M and now is about 48 million > half treading volume with same value

Bittrex seems to have stopped usd/Ada trading. Maybe it’s because of that…

Yeah maybe … next days data will reveal more insight i guess
Anyway is very good that ADA begins to acquire value before the launch of IELE test net

If Coinbase does integrate to the Cardano blockchain and support the buying and selling of Ada then many more people will buy some just to have it - I suspect.

Also, some crypto-indexes may jump in.

In addition to Coinbase, I would like to see Square and Robinhood integrations. Let’s see. I have no special insight on these things.

Had a resting order on Bitmex hit before the pump while I was sleeping. More than 100% ROE. Thanks ADA.

This suden jump out of nothing…i was waiting patiently for buying low…just how things are…god for one bad for the other…
Hope its not just a hype that results in nothing.

In similar market conditions to today, without all the incoming investment by institutions, LTC went from $4 to $50 during the process of being added to Coinbase. There is no reason to expect less for these new additions, though anything is possible.