Visibility on Coinbase

Just noticed this tonight, didn’t see it posted anywhere on here so I thought I’d share. Can’t trade yet but it’s great that it’s on there.

(Edit: The URL will only work if you are logged into coinbase)


Yes I can see it too. I can get to that screen… but it says "Trading Cardano is not available on Coinbase

How did you find that link? Very clever…



(not that I don’t think that ADA could be listed on Coinbase - certainly hope so)


On the main page there is a link that says “Discover more assets”


Interesting, i found the same article at the Coinbase website under Need Help>Wallet Support and the on the last page of that section. However, when I click the link I am not looking at the same thing as your screenshot. I wonder if that differs by country? I am in the US, perhaps thats why we arent seeing the same thing if you all are not in the US? Either way encouraging for ADA/Cardano…

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That’s interesting, I am in the US. Maybe different by state? I am in AZ.

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If it differs by state, wouldn’t this be a real indication that they are actively working to get cardano on the roster while laying the groundwork for complying with state regulations?

Could be part of their standard process and apply to all their not-tradable-yet assets pages though. FYI: i got the same screen here in Europe.


I think they list the 50 largest crypto by market cap like that. In Australia I can even see bitcoin gold:


On the CB website there is a Digital Asset Framework document - this is the criteria they use for evaluating candidates for listing. You will see that 1.1.4 (almost the first criteria) is decentralisation of the asset.


They list coin on cap basis regardless of trade support as in case of Ada

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It won’t load using the URL in the original post. But I can get to it using which redirects to

We reserve full and absolute discretion to list, not list, or de-list any asset for trading on GDAX regardless of how the criteria in this framework may apply to the asset.

GDAX Digital Asset Framework

Noticing a few updates on Coinbase. I can now modify my favourites to display different assets on the main page. Still not available for trade but got Cardano on the front page now :grinning:



In july 2018 they announced they where looking into Cardano:

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