Blessings everybody. New with a question

Matty G here. Fairly new to the crypto world. I’ve been hearing some great things about Cardano and ADA. Seems lik something I’d like to get into and I’m currently trying to buy some ADA but having troubles. I’ve bought crypto through Coinbase so far but they don’t offer ADA. I’m from NY, USA and am having difficulty finding an exchange that operates here and sells ADA. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Much love :slight_smile:


Hi Matty! Welcome :wave:

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Yah New York is a problem.

Possibly a non Binance account through a VPN?

I’ve thought about changing the vpn location but that still leaves me with a ny I.D. Been looking into a no Id exchange. Feeling a bit untrusting of a lot of the processes. Was scammed my first week for some ETH :frowning: . I feel good about ADA and want to get in. Also looking into crypto ATMs.

Have you already tried downloading Binance US?

That’s what I’m using, but I know New York is a bit stricter on crypto.

…oh, and welcome!

Ya, no go on Binance.US

When I signed up for my original Binance account (non US) I didn’t need an ID. They had a limit on what you can transfer in and out on a daily basis but the limit was high enough it didn’t get in my way. Not sure if that is still the case.

@Ethicalking, once you have a crypto asset, it’s quite easy to exchange it for a different asset.

For example, you can buy a crypto asset on coinbase and then use a service like to change it to ADA. You don’t need to create any account here and the exchanged ADA go to you wallet address.

I have been using for quite sometime now without any problems.

ChangeNOW believes that Cardano is already fully decentralised. That’s pretty ignorant. I wouldn’t risk having any dealings with them.

@Ethicalking Another possibility is

To be clear, I’ve never used them though, so do so at your own risk.

Is the issue more that you are looking for an exchange with no ID requirement to buy ADA? Or do you have an exchange where you can buy, say, bitcoin but you just need a place to change it to ADA?

Mainly looking for a trusted exchange that doesn’t require ID. Either or buy or trade. I’d prefer to buy with usd (debit card or bank account) and keep my bitcoin.

Gotchya, unfortunately there are none I’m aware of that I would feel comfortable claiming were safe. The only one’s I personally have tried are Coinbase, Binance.US and Kraken. :frowning:

If you do run across one that works for you, I’d be interested in hearing about it though.

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I like It has a BTC/ADA pair. I don’t remember what my sign on credentials were though it’s been a while, but they change those all the time anyway.


Hello! shows you a lot of exchanges that use ADA and pairs they accept.

If u have no local exchange that u’d use and accept ADA, u’ll need to buy some other cryptocurrency, then transfer it to some international exchange, and then trade it for ADA.

I’ve used Binance and had no issue. I know no case of them stealing from their users, and all cases they were hacked they were able to absorb the loss. Just move your money to your wallet, don’t leave it on the exchange without need.

I’ve been buying eth on coinbase, then transfer to binance, then trade for ada. Then move my ada to a secure wallet. It costs a bit more to do it this way, but it’s not like I’m investing 10k at a clip!
Start with a small amount, like 20 bucks. That way if something goes wrong you wont be flipping out! Good luck and happy investing!

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Thank you all so much for the advice. :grin: I will look into some of these other approaches.

For the win!!! Thanks for the tip on kucoin :+1:


I’m glad it worked out for you. I’ll make note of kucoin in case this question comes up again. :slight_smile:

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Hi Matty G @Ethicalking I’ve been looking through this intro/thread. What did you find to work for you? I do have to use Binance currently for ADA.
All the best. :v:t4: :blush: