Buying ADA in New York

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I am new to Cardano, and Cryptocurrencies in general and as I look into acquiring ADA, it seems there aren’t any choices for those of us who live in New York. The most common exchanges I see mentioned are Kraken and, neither of which are available in New York. Does anyone know of a reliable exchange that allows New York residents to purchase ADA?



This doesn’t necessarily answer your question directly, but you could create a business out of state that manages a portfolio for you where access to kraken is available. That business could even be oversee.

Here is a recent reddit thread with some ideas:

BTW not financial advice but have you considered using Binance with a VPN? Here is a snippet from a reddit thread on another topic…I believe that Binance (the international version not Binance US) does not require KYC AML identification for a basic account. I have not looked in a while though. As an FYI you would have to buy Eth or Bitcoin on Coinbase and send it to Binance to convert to Ada then send to your personal wallet of choice.


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Or Binance with VPN in WA.

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How would one go about this?

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I use a VPN putting me in Mexico, then login. Once done, I logout/close Binance (I use the app) then close out VPN. I never login to Binance without a VPN.

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I went with purchasing bitcoin on Atomic wallet and exchanging for Ada.


How did you buy BTC off of Atomic wallet? It’s not letting my buy anything directly from Atomic wallet, all it’s letting me do is send BTC from another wallet to Atomic wallet.

Check how Buy Bitcoin in the USA


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I tried to do the same, but Atomic Wallet cannot accept any funds from NY Residents. Would appreciate any guidance.


Or if you want atomic wallet then you can use a vpn like they mentioned here


I bought Litecoin on Coinbase, transferred it to Atomic wallet and then traded for ADA

Good luck! We must wait till authorities allow us US citizens to have it. The ADA addresses generated by Daedalus and Yoroi are not accepted by the very few exchanges, you may be able to buy from. I had to sell everything I bought a few weeks ago. It is feeling like a prison country more and more everyday.


binance .US is going thru some serious verification process delays. it could take months for a resolution. Meanwhile , you have lots of people missing out on the opportunity . :woozy_face:

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You can use simpleswap and convert other crypto to ada then have it sent to your ada wallet

which exchanges?

I’m trying to buy ADA also. I’m in Texas. I didn’t realize it would be so dang difficult to get it… until now! I hold my BTC on Coinbase so I use it often. I couldn’t even pull up ADA on a search! Well I am looking for the ‘way’ to get some. Maybe if anyone hears any new news, let us know! Thx✌🏼

You can try a vpn

I’m in NY, I bought ADA today by buying BTC then sending through to convert to ADA. Fees, yes. PITA, yes.

Hello Kashmir1977 - I live in NY and I am really new to the crypto universe and I am interested in purchasing ADA…

What exchange did you buy BTC and then how did you move the BTC to, allowing you to later convert to ADA? The other question I have is how do I get ADA off of changelly? In otherwords, will changelly allow for a cold wallet transfer like a Ledger Nano x for example?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Sorry for this question but I am really new at the world of Crypto. How did you transfer your Litecoin from Coinbase to Atomic Wallet?

I just moved BTC to Atomic wallet and i received the $$ then after that i exchanged BTC to ADA and now i don’t see the money in my wallet anymore :frowning: please advise !