If ADA gets high enough, i'm selling 1/2. what are my options

…between yoroi, atomic wallet and coinbase for converting ADA to cash? i do have accounts with kraken and binanceUS as well, but i’d prefer the most simple and the cheapest. i’m willing to download another wallet a/o make account with another exchange if beneficial. is there any exchange that will convert ADA directly into fiat?

I am not aware of any wallet that allows conversion to or from fiat.

Your only option is to transfer the coins to an exchange and sell them there and get the fiat that way. Any of the big exchanges that support ADA would be fine. You should pick one that is in the same jurisdiction as you as that will make the fiat transfer easier.

You may want to think about converting it to a stable coin like USDC and then put it into Celcius to earn interest.

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i guess i was looking for more specificity. do exchanges like kraken and binanceUS offer conversion of ADA into fiat, and if so, do they charge for it? had to buy my ADA by buying ETH on coinbase and sending it to binance (china) to buy cardano(b/c that’s what you had to do in the ‘old days’ lol). i can send it from yoroi to a wallet for conversion into ETH, to coinbase for $ and then to my bank, but there must be a simpler way.