How to buy ADA with directly with my paypal balance?

I live in Bangladesh and I do not have access to the crypto selling sites such as coinbase or . How can I buy ADA directly?

Hi Jayed,

Did you try registering with Bittrex or Binance? Here is a comparison I just wrote

However with fiat, you might want to go to Coinspot. You should compare their fees with my above link
Please also take a look at Coinnest in Korea as I think they are the only exchange with fiat-to-crypto pairs



Thanks @CosmosX . From Bittrex or Binanc still I need BTC or any major crypto to swap trade. I was looking for directly fiat to ADA conversion. And I downloaded the wallet . Still showing “Connecting to Network”. Know anything about the issue?

Please head over to Daedalus FAQ where you will find most technical solutions
Uninstall then Reinstall the app might do the trick. Otherwise, you should try to restart your computer. :smiley:

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Here is step-by-step guide how to buy ADA coin using Paypal or Credit/debit card usd

There sadly is not a way to do it that I know of where I am either, I look forward when it will be easy for me to get my ADA.

here is some good source to find to help you: