Buying ADA with VISA in USD? Is it now possible?

Hi Folks

I want to buy some ADA, I’m based in the EU. Although I have a brother in the US and neither of us owns any BTC.

Is it now somehow possible to buy ADA with a VISA card direct from USD to ADA or is it necessary to first buy BTC, and then ADA from BTC?


I highly doubt it’s possible to buy ADA with fiat… Unless something new recently came up (that I’m not aware of), the only option you have currently to acquire ADA would be with BTC and/or ETH through exchanges like Bittrex, Binance, Coinnest etc…



Wow, that kinda sucks.
Does anyone have any idea when this will change?
My hope is to use ADA with my business which involves selling stuff to people who mostly are not already into crypto – so I will have to convince them to buy ADA then pay me in ADA. . . . . but with this added step of having to first buy BTC, . . . wow, this complicates further an already complicated procedure.

Anyone have any idea why it is not available to buy with FIAT?
When with this change?


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You can buy ADA against Australian Dollars on Coinspot (however 2-3% fee)

Only Korean Exchanges (Upbit & Coinnest) have listed ADA paired to fiat so far.

So considering this 2 - 3 % fee - it is cheaper for you to buy BTC first? Isn’t there a pretty big fee buying the BTC?

AFAIK, the high fees have been mostly from withdrawing/sending BTC…

No, considering that BTC is congested at the moment with crazy sending networking fees, and until their Lightning Network upgrade is released (January I think), the cheaper option for now is ETH to ADA, or even better LTC, but I am not sure it exists yet. But you definitely have ETH-ADA on Bittrex and Binance. I wrote a summary of their fees structure here


Cool, so we will score some via ETH… but really looking forward to being able to buy with a VISA card - for me, and also (mostly) for my clients.

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On buying crypto with fiat:

I am not a fan of spending my BTC on alts but…

I have just bought ETC with USD on
I had to create an account on and deposit fiat (Visa payment of 100 USD) They charged be ~8%
I have transferred the $ to my YoBit account and was charged 3+%
I am not counting the fees for buying and withdrawing my ETC from YoBit.Net
Oh, I almost forgot, my bank will charge me for the GBP USD conversion. I prefer not to know how much.

ETC better go up. Quickly! :persevere::roll_eyes:

Available on Coinspot. Its australian though I’m new so I assume you can buy through them and shift to another wallet.

I dont have a wallet myself I’ve been in it for 1 week.

Hope that helps

For me, I buy ETH from coinbase with USD CC (I do not want coinbase to have my checking account information, plus a credit card has more protection than withdrawal from checking account) then transfer to binance. I bought ADA with ETH.

I also sold most of my IOTA profits and bought ETH on binance, then bought more ADA with ETH.

That’s been my experience over the past month.

Thanks!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Can anyone rate your experience buying ADA at COINSPOT?
I looked at it and it involved a grueling VERIFICATION process (GOVT REGULATIONS!) …but otherwise it would be nice to buy quick and easily with FIAT.

How does it work? Does COINSPOT give you a wallet, then from there you send to your DAEDALUS wallet?

Binance using ETH to ADA seems to be the best exchange for me as well. When withdrawing to Daedalus Binance seems to be much faster (less than 5 minutes), where for some reason on Bittrex its taken more than 1hr so far, still waiting on it :confused: . Checking the blockchain explorer my transaction isn’t even on the chain yet, so its not a Cardano network issue, Bittrex just hasn’t transmitted my transaction to the network yet. Which is frustrating to say the least. I expect this from Coinbase but not Bittrex.

Yeah bittrex has been a little slow lately. Must be due to many transactions being processed, thus slowly it down… It used to be fast in November when I first started buying ADAs but it slowed down drastically… As long as you plan on HODL’ing, you got nothing to fear from the slow transfers :slight_smile:

This is my issue as well, the whole buying process oversupply cumbersomeness. Is there anyone knows the step to buy ADA using US $$ bypass the exchanges?

If I knew how to do that I would have bought at 11cents!!! grrrr