Buying ADA with credit card

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I’m curious to know why I can’t buy Cardano ADA using my credit card? additionally, why is it held for ransom by other cryptos such as BTC ot ETH … can’t you guys just offer us ADA the easy way without going the extra mile for it.
I don’t want to convert my BTC or ETH for ADA … this isn’t fair … because I have to pay EVERYTIME a “fee” in order to get ADA.


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To buy any coin using your credit card, you need an exchange or an entity that provides that feature.

BTC, ETH, and LTC have enough market share that some exchanges provide such feature. To be fair, most exchanges that provide FIAT to cryptocurrency conversion don’t even accept CC due to the more than reasonable risk of charge backs.

Expecting to be able to purchase any coin, especially at this stage, with CC is simply unfair and unrealistic. There are over 1300 different coins today, and as far as I know only 3 of them can effectively be purchased via CC (and not even very easily).

The more the coin will become adopted, the sooner exchanges will provide that capability.


First I’ll get into how you can buy ADA using your credit card. There may be other ways, this is the way I have figured out. Correct me if there is a better way.

1). Create a Coinbase account, (Referral code for $10 bitcoin Create a Binance account (Referral ID 13335021). Download Daedalus and create a wallet and let it sync.
2). Upload your ID to Coinbase
3). Link your credit card to Coinbase
4). Buy ETH (There will be a small fee, however ETH has less fees and is faster than BTC.)
5). Withdraw your ETH from Coinbase to your Binance ETH Deposit Address. Triple check this address code is correct.
6). Your transfer could take around 3 minutes, it needs to have 30 verifications however they give you a link so you can follow along the way. Take a deep breathe, everything is ok.
7). Buy ADA/ETH and yes you will be charged a few ADA for fees.
8). Withdraw your ADA from Binance into your newly synced Daedalus wallet.
9). This transfer could also take 3 minutes, quit and restart your Daedalus wallet and you should then find it.

With a normal credit card you pay massively high fees in USD or whatever fiat currency you use. Personally I have a small business and for my card reader I pay 2.7% on each transaction. Therefore I raise my price to make up for it so you would never realize it. When it comes to cryptocurrencies yes, there are fees. However they are so minuscule when you compare them to normal fees in USD. My fee’s on Binance were .05%. Thats 0.0005 compared to 0.027. I did a wire transfer from one bank to another, then a bank account transfer into GDAX and paid $45 in wire transfer fees on a $6,000 order which was 0.0075 which for USD actually isn’t too bad. But it’s still 15 times worse than the fees Binance charges.

Yes, it’s not easy right now. BTC/ETH is a universal currency, you need to remember that ADA is biggest in Japan. It is complicated because it is in such an early stage however, with great risk comes great reward. You have the opportunity to buy ADA at such a low price, take it or leave it.


Thanks for clarifying this, shows how much I lack information regarding the crypto world.
Cheers man

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Thanks for all the step by step info buddy, means a lot.


You can easily buy or sell bitcoins using your credit or debit card on these websites: or

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He was looking to buy Cardano ADA.

Yeah I know, just to buy ADA, unfortunately you have to buy bitcoin first and in my opinion those websites are the easiest option to do that. Especially if you’re living in UK and you need to buy bitcoin with your pounds.

Good job . Thank you but I have one more question :slight_smile: Im very new at all this but I’m so ready for a fun new hobby so I have to buy a full ETH coin to trade it for the ADH coins so I would but 1 ETH and trade It for what ever… how ever many ADH. Coins ?

Like buy a full bit coin or like percentage ?.. how are you buying the bit coin ?

You don’t have to buy a full ETH or any other full coin when you invest. You can buy 0.5, 0.1 or even 0.001 of a coin. Don’t invest more than what you can afford to lose.

As of today, in order to buy some ADA, firstly you have to buy some Ethereum (ETH, faster and cheaper transaction fee than Bitcoin) on a platform like Coinbase or Bitpanda, then move these ETH to Binance (cheaper fees 0.1% per trade) or Bittrex (higher fees 0.25% per trade), then convert these ETH to ADA.

Next step in order to safely store your ADA is to send them to your Daedalus wallet on your computer.
Technically speaking, they won’t be stored physically on your computer but on the blockchain, but at least you will be the owner of the private keys (also called “seed”, or “secret words”) to access your coins.

DO NOT store your private keys/ seed/ secret words on anything connected to the internet. Write it down on 2 sheets of paper, one safely hidden at your home, the other at a family member you trust (in case your house burns or is visited by thieves). You are now responsible of your money’s security.

Feel free to ask questions, and don’t forget to triple check your address when you move your coins, and do a test transaction first with a few ADA to build confidence :slight_smile:


WOW thank you so much that was so we’ll exaplained thank you cosmo

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Hey @Rabz1, I know it’s been awhile since you asked this questions, but if you still interested in buying ADA with your credit card - you can do it on Coinmama -


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Download the Abra app. It allows credit card purchases of main cryptos. From there you can find your way to ADA.

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That exchange does not list ADA.

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Just checked on the Abra site. No ADA listed, also all withdrawals are in BTC, fiat, or LTC. So if it did, there is no real way to get ADA off the site to your own personal wallet.
Coinmama seems legit, you have to setup a wallet 1st. They don’t hold the digital currency on their site for you. This will probably be the route I take for my ADA, as there are no USD pairings for ADA yet.
I don’t want to create taxable events, every time I switch one coin to another. Also, don’t want give any of my other cypto that I have acquired.

That’s not what I meant. If your goal is to buy ADA with credit card, you buy bitcoin first then transfer it to Binance or Bittrex where you can exchange it with ADA.

Bread app is another way to do the same btw. Their fees are a bit lower for credit cards.


I will check them out, thank you! I had edit my post a bit as well, no offense was meant.

No problem and best of luck!

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I started a list of Ada wallets and exchanges.
Some of the ones in the column “Fiat money” also support credit cards.