Buying ADA with USD

Does anyone know if there’s going to be an exchange where you can buy ADA with USD?


Hi @Zoomster! It’s not possible at the moment. Fiat-ADA pairs are only available in Korea (Upbit-Coinnest)
An alternative might be Coinspot (AUD), but a bit more expensive in fees as it is with credit card.

You might want to consider buying ADA with ETH on Bittrex or Binance (see my post comparing the two here), it’s cheaper and faster. I would avoid Bitcoin at the moment if I were you (too slow with high transaction fees)


Great recommendation. I tried ETH/ADA last week and the fees were significantly less - did however encounter a slower transaction transferring ETH into Bittrex but that was due to Ethereum being backed up (cryptokitties??).

Same, I bought BTC to trade, damn me, it’s so volatile and fees are so expensive…
Would be cool if we could use USD/ADA; EUR/ADA


Agree we need fiat pairs!

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I bought Litecoin from gdax transferred to BITTREX then actually sold for Bitcoin and bought ADA since volume was larger. May have not been the most cost effective but wasn’t bad only a couple dollars

Yeah, I’m pretty bummed out about how difficult it is to get ADA with FIAT… but looking from another angle, probably it is a good thing for right now because this mess is definitely keep the price DOWN.

Once it becomes easy and quick to buy with FIAT the price will suddenly go NUTS!