Hello from south africa


Love ADA!! I believe this is a very good long term investment.


Welcome @Bart10000 !


Hello Bart10000. I am wanting to buy ADA, but I am not sure how to do it from South Africa. What exchange have you used? Can you help me with this?


Hi Ryan

Very good idea!!

You could buy from Bittrex and Binance.

You could whatsapp me if you need more info or help 0722864461


Hi @Ryan1!

You might find a previous post I wrote comparing Binance to Bittrex useful.

Keep also in mind that for now, it is only possible to buy ADA with fiat only in Korea (Coinnest and Upbit), along with the australian Coinspot. it is more expensive in fees to buy straight with Credit Card, but faster. Wire transfer is the cheaper option, but takes longer to get credited.