Where to buy Ada? From Argentina


Hi everyone.
I’m from Argentina and I have access to BTC.
I would really like to invest on ADA but I need an exchange to buy it.

Thank you very much in advance.


Bittrex has ADA listed. Create an account, send your BTCs, buy ADA, send ADAs to your Daedalus. Done.


Fellow Argentinian here, I bought from Bittrex.


Any other way? I can’t sing up into bittrex, they have shut it down for the moment… :frowning:
(respondo en inglés por si se quejan)


Can’t create an account on Bittrex… it’s been down for a week already… :frowning:


Use Binance! :slight_smile:
It’s another cool platform listing ADA


Looks like Binance has the second biggest volume (based on coin market cap), maybe you can try there until they fix it


now most of the exchange platforms are blocked for the many users who register, so try to register on those listed in the coinmarketcap.
go to ada and crush market and you’ll get a list of all the exchanges