Hello New Community Member from Philadelphia, USA

Hi, I am a retired Microsoft Certified Exchange/eMail Consultant.

I was introduced to crypto only a few months ago when my son asked me to accept his referral to the Robinhood, on-line broker which offers limited crypto trading.

With the Central Banks printing a lot of “paper” due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to learn about any gold-backed crypto currencies for an effective, liquid, low fee investment vehicle. I like the ERC-20 tokens DGX and PAXG. Further research lead me to Coindesk.com through which I learned about Cardano. I listened to Charles Hoskinson conference talks on YouTube and was impressed.

I just deleted my unused installation of Daedalus 1.1.0 and am about to install 2.0.0. I hope the uninstall routines in version 1.1.0 are clean and there are no troublesome remnants on my PC.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to the best way to buy ADA?

Does Daedalus support any stablecoin that you can send from another wallet then buy ADA with that stablecoin. My plan was to open an account on an exchange to offers ADA then send it to my Daedalus 2.0.0 wallet. Which is the best way to do it?

Also with the Shelley hardfork are there now two versions of ADA and if so what is the the name of the new token?

Hey @XnCelt! Welcome to the forum!

I think you can search the forum on how to buy ADA (which is a coin, not a token :slight_smile: ).

As to your second question there are no 2 versions of ADA. Byron has finished, Shelly has started. This is technically called a hard fork, but a planned internal one than means the network has been upgraded.

Good luck!

Hi @XnCelt! Welcome to the forum. I’m new here myself.

As regards purchasing ADA… I don’t know if this is the best way but can only tell you my method - which is to convert my fiat currency to Eth and then use that to buy ADA.

Sometimes I use Coinbase to purchase the ETH and then transfer the ETH to Binance (although there are many exchanges that will sell ADA now; but I’ve always used Binance).

Then you can purchase what you like!
Hope this helps?

Looks like Binance is the exchange which does the most ADA business as per

FYI: https://www.cardano.org/what-is-ada/ - says it is a “token” named after Ada Lovelace: a 19th-century mathematician who is recognized as the first computer programmer, and is the daughter of the poet Lord Byron.

Thx for your response.