Need help to buy some ADA


Would love to buy som ADA, but as everyone knows, Bittrex and Binance don’t accept new customers.
Does anyone have any advices on how to purchase som ADA? Would like to get started :slight_smile:

I will happily act as a black market

I can sell you :ada: for 0.0018ETH

We could do little by little so to risk only little by little if there’s no other way to trust each other


Not sure if my Binance referral link will work for you and I’m hesitant to paste it here because that stuff is usually frowned upon.

Damn nice people

If you go and click the “Markets” tab, that will show you a list of every exchange selling ADA, along with their current price for it. You will usually need an appropriate amount of Bitcoin or Ethereum to trade. I recommend Ether as it’s faster and less hassle.

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Hi Allen

Thank you for the long explanation, but the problem is exactly step 3. It is not possible since Binance dosen’t except new customers. Only some Korean sites, which I don’t understand and don’t feel so safe to work with…

Vanamonde, is this really the only option? Fells so old-fashion and not up to date :grin:

shut up, 0.0016eth?

Hi, I’m new here and wonder if this post about buying ADA is still accurate in November 2020?

I recall seeing somewhere else a while back that Binance had opened to new customers. Is this still the case or where would knowledgeable forum members suggest newbies purchase ADA? Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

This quote is still accurate. :laughing:

Congratulations on reviving a topic from before my time on the forum, it doesn’t happen often these days, I joined in January 2018! :smile:

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Thanks for a speedy and helpful response. I’m a believer in searching before posting to keep the info in the one place! :grin::pray:

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