Need help to purchase Cardano in Malaysia

Hi all, I’m TS Ooi from Malaysia, i’m new to Cardano. Can anyone from M’sia guide me on how to buy Cardano as I’m setting up Daedalus wallet in my computer now.


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To the best of my knowledge, there is no exchange in Malaysia at present where you can buy ADA. Your best bet is to sign up for Bittrex or Binance. To buy ADA from Bittrex or Binance you should have Bitcoin or other Altcoin. There are Bitcoin and Ethereum exchanges in Malaysia. Go through the links below to find best Bitcoin and Ethereum Exchanges in Malaysia.

FYI: I’m not from Malaysia. Please do due diligence before signing up for any exchange.

Hi TS Ooi,

As Jam35x said, you will need to by bitcoin or ethereum first from an exchange that supports BTC purchases with MYR. I know that Luno supports this, but you will pay a premium for the BTC, so perhaps check exchanges like Bitstamp and Kraken (I am from South Africa so am in a similar situation).

Once you’ve bought the BTC or ETH, you will need to transfer them to Bittrex or Binance, and then exchange them for ADA.

Good luck! Let us know if you get it right or if you need any more help!


Hi @TSOoi

I would recommend to buy ETH instead of BTC. ETH is faster and has cheaper networking fees. Also you should definitely choose Binance instead of Bittrex for 2 reasons: No verification needed up to 2 BTC on Binance ( can be weeks on Bittrex) and cheaper trading fees.
Check out that post I wrote comparing Bittrex to Binance: Which is the better exchange platform?

Best of luck!


both good tips, I agree

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Hi guys,

I’m another newbie here! Also from Malaysia. Is there any update on this? Any new exchange platform? exchanging with so many different coins is a pain for me!