Beginner with cardano


I am Peter from Ghana. I would like to know where I can buy cardano for the first time and the best wallet tp store it. Am ready to learn more



The official Daedalus wallet is a good choice:

Exchanges include Binance, Bittrex, Coinnest,, Mr. Exchange. I’m a fan of Binance, although sometimes they go down for maintenance.


great input. Thanks for the support


It looks like Binance and Bittrex are not accepting users fro now


The Wallet is very important as its the only one that there is, dont use anything claiming to be a "mobile’ version of it.


Thank you.
Buying the Cardano, issue here. Am Ghana and have no Credit card here. Is there a way I can exchange Bitcoin with Cardano because I need the cardano badly. Anyone could help. ICO, IMO


If you have Bitcoin it’s relatively easy, just deposit it at any of the exchanges that handle ADA then do the deal!