Beginner with Crypto Need Advice

Hey everyone, I am glad to be part of the forum. I have a question on buying and selling Cardano, do I need the Daedalus wallet to buy and sell? I am currently using CoinEx to purchase cryptos, however can I buy it through there and sell it without the wallet? I know I am a noob so thanks in advance for the help.

No! In Daedalus you could keep your coin, stake them ( not yet, soon ) and other features but you can’t trade with it as Daedalus is a Wallet
Ps: you shouldn’t keep your coin on an exchanger!

Look at the Yoroi wallet as well. Anyone have the link for that? Yoroi and Daedalus will give you an address to send the Ada to after you buy it or trade for it on an exchange. I believe there are Yoroi tutorials on YouTube. Search for “Yoroi Emurgo”.