Transferring to Daedalus from etoro

Hey all just joined the forum🙈 , I purchased cardano on eToro and want to move it to the Daedalus wallet, I also have a small bit in Bittrex any ideas on how to do this ? I’m a newbie to crypto Is some experience needed

Hi Jenny, welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately, you can’t transfer crypto out of eToro. I was in exactly your position a while back. Your only option is to sell up then withdraw your cash and start again. The problem is that with eToro you don’t actually own the assets, you’re just betting on the price movements. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news! :frowning:

Thanks rob I was hoping I was wrong :see_no_evil:

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I didn’t know that’s how Etoro operated. Basically, they are a platform for long and short positions on ADA?

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Well not just ADA, originally it was conventional investments, in the last couple of years they added various cryptos.

I just heard that now you can genuinely hold some cryptos on the platform but not yet ADA – not absolutely sure.

Thanks for the info.

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eToro alreay started crypto wallet in selected countries. They have added support for crypto wallets like BTC, ETH and many others already. You can check if your country is there in the list. Currently they do not have ADA wallet but I hope they may add soon. Then you will be able to transfer ADA from eToro to Daedalus