New to Crypto and Canadian




I am very new, very Canadian, and very excited about crypto. I have been at this for 2 days now trying hard to get in on investing and this currency seems like the best choice for me. I am worried about the net neutrality vote today though… but still, I want to figure this whole process out and invest.

I have already spent $250 on Ether using coin base but I can not sell any of it because I am Canadian so how to I buy Cardano and secure it living where I live??


I recommend Binance to purchase ADA:

Transfer your ETH to Binance, then buy ADA with your ETH.

That was my experience for purchasing ADA.


Hi and welcome @Wayne_Heisler!

I would use Binance (quick registration and interesting fees) to buy ETH and send them to your Daedalus if I were you. Bittrex is another option, but you won’t have an enhanced account before several days-weeks, therefore won’t be able to withdraw, only buy.


ok, how do I transfer if I can not “sell” my ether due to my “Canadianess”? still very new lol


You don’t have to sell, you have to transfer your ethereum (depending on the exchange you used to to buy the ethereum or wallet you stored it to) to the binance account you can do so in the funds screen, select ethereum and then select deposit , you will see the address to sent tokens to.


how long does the whole transfer process take? it seems like my funds just disappeared after sending them


From the platform to Daedalus? Up to 2mn in general. Don’t worry if they don’t show up after 15mn. Restarting your computer often helps.


I mean from coinbase to binance. I just sent my ethers to Binance and I can’t see anything on there yet


I went to “deposit” for ethereum, copied the address, and sent my ethers from coinbase to that address… did I do it right?


Yes it should be OK, no worries. I’d say a few minutes with Ether, it depends on the network congestion


oh WOW. this is so cool :smiley:

It’s working and I didnt lose 250 bucks! lol


Welcome and hello @Wayne_Heisler Wayne! :smiley:


ok, so now how do I turn ETH into ADA now that it’s on binance?


This is how I do it from start to finish.


Hey @Wayne_Heisler. My name is Dan and I’m from Calgary. I’m new to Cardano as well. Also excited to participate in such a fantastic project :smile: