Cardano Purchase by friend

Hello my friend is in USA I am from Nepal. Can he purchase Cardano in my name?? what is procedure for that??


They can buy from or from exchanges

They must to create an account first.
Then they can send ADA to your wallet ( yoroi or daedalus )

Thank You…

And how can he transfer in my account??

From the exchange they can send the ADA to your wallet address (u will need to install daedalus or yoroi - install from official sources)
Create the wallet (bkp the seed word) go to receive section and provide them the address


You can do this yourself if you have credit card. Otherwise you must find a way to send him some Dollar. Once he has your Dollar, he can buy ADA.

Anyone who has ADA (or any other crypto) can send it to your address. If it is going to be a significant amount, I suggest you get yourself a HW wallet (e.g. Ledger).

You may first want to explore your local options. Can’t you find anyone local who can sell you some BTC (or any other crypto) for cash? You can then exchange that (e.g. on Binance) for ADA.

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