Transferring ADA to binance

Hey guys,
Could someone please let me know what is the correct way to send ADA to Binance ? do i need to deposit it in an ADA wallet or can it be sent over to a BTC wallet,

Send it to your Cardano wallet on Binance. If you send it to a BTC wallet your coins will be gone :frowning:

Hi, thanks for this,
if i don’t have cardano wallet, would it be good to say buy BTC from coinbase small amount, then have it saved in cardano on binance ?

  • Go to Funds > Deposits Withdrawals in your account dashboard.
  • Search for “ada” and click on ‘Deposit’
  • Copy the ADA Deposit address populated within the text field

Use the ADA deposit address that you copied to send your ADA from Daedalus to Binance

You can do this as well. Send BTC to your Binance account and purchase ADA using BTC.
I don’t suggest leaving your ADA in an exchange, so you may want to download Daedalus when you can.

I was watching someone on youtube saying you should not send from other wallets directly into Binance unless you send funds first as BTC and then buy whichever currency you choose, have you used this method before,
many thanks

I already have Daedulus wallt on my laptop and have ADA there, its just that i wondered should i wanted to sell ada and invest in other currencies what would be the best way sending out of daedulus

I have.

There are some useful threads on the forum for reference, such as:


Thanks for the post… all makes sense and very helpful

On step 4, I am finding Binance has suspended transfers of Ada coin from exchange to Daedalus. Is this normal and should we expect this suspension to be lifted soon?

my binance address won’t copy into my daedalus wallet. is it now impossible for me to send ada as well? had my ada stuck in bittrex for over five days and finally just bought other coins with it. now i can’t send my ada out of my daedalus wallet. why?

Shoot – I’ve yet to transfer out of Daedalus so I’m not sure. Hopefully, someone else can chime in.

Hi I have transferred ADA from Bitrex to my Binance account on 1/6/2018 and the transaction is showing as completed in Bittrex and also in the Cardano explorer but it is not reflecting in the Binance Balances.

Can someone please advise me on this?

@newtothegameyash: Same thing happened to me. On 01/06/2087 my friend transferred ADA from Bittrex to my address in Binance. The transaction is shown complete but I cant see my balance in Binance. I have sent several emails to Binance support,no response. I am now trying to give them a call.

Please let me know if you receive it.

PS: I am never gonna use binance from now. Horrible experience!!!

I recommend you don’t send Cardano to Binance there’s an issue between these two exchanges & many users are reporting the coins vanishing into cyberspace, not appearing in their Binance wallet.

Due you are giving me a heart attack. Thanks for the reply.

I am in the same boat. I sent mine from Daedalus to binance about 5 hours after you did and am still waiting. From lurking around these forums it sounds like a binance issue and it will be resolved sooner than later. I hope…

2 support tickets to binance and no response. Good luck!

Hello! Does anyone know, if the problem has been solved meanwhile ? A friend of mine wanted to transfer ADA (which he bought for me) to my binance wallet. Is it true that he has to pay 1 ADA for the transaction (a is stated here: even if the transaction is made from one binance wallet to another binance wallet.
Answers are appreciated!

It has been 4 days for me.No update. Anyone else got their deposit?

Hi I seen to have the same issue. I transferred ADA from another exchange to binance as I have with many other coins without any issue but I’m on hour 4 now and nothing on binance side. Did you ever resolve your issue? Hope so.

I’m on hour 4 from transferring ADA from Abra to binance with nothing on binance side. Not looking good. Thankfully it was only 50$ but still not really wanting to just lose it like that.