Withdrawing ADA from Daedalus Wallet

Can some please explain how to withdraw ADA from Daedalus wallet. I have recently installed it but cannot see any option to withdraw. I see an option to send but where do I send it to so I can get cash out?

You need to sell you ADA in an exchange (Binance, Kraken, etc.). So you need to have an account on of those exchange. Usually you will get the address of your exchange wallet (in this case, you need ADA address from your exchange wallet).

Next step, go to your Daedalus wallet, click Send. Put the address of your exchange wallet (for example, Binance wallet for ADA). Put amount of ADA that you want to transfer. Then send it.

Last step, sell your ADA in the exchange.

Hope it helps @NickyDay

My question, how do you buy your ADA in the first place? Did you buy it yourself, or your family/friend sent the ADA to your Daedalus wallet?

Thank you for replying, I purchased my ADA through Binance exchange and then transferred to Daedalus so I can be involved with staking and of course keep my ADA safe.

So I have a Binance exchange account so all I need to do is find the address for the wallet or do I need to download a separate wallet?

In your Binance, go to Wallet > Fiat & Spot > ADA > Deposit

You will have your Cardano address there

Brilliant, I have found it.

Thank you so much for your help.

Really appreciate it.

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What exchange do you use to send ADA from your Daedalus wallet ?

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Hi @cmiretf,

Pardon, I don’t understand your question?

I use Binance (exchange) to buy/sell ADA. And I use Daedalus + paired with cold wallet (Ledger Nano S) to save & stake my ADA.

Hope it helps.

What is the process to cash out ADA´s from my Daedalus wallet?

Send your ADA from your Daedalus wallet to your exchange wallet. Then sell your ADA in the exchange (Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, etc.)

Which exchange do you use to buy your ADA? You need to have an account first in one of those exchange.

You can check Youtube or guide from your specific exchange to cash out your ADA. Hope it helps.

Thanks @andreassosilo !!

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