How Do You Withdraw ADA from Daedalus Wallet in USD?

Not intending to cash in on my ADA just yet, but was just playing around with the features of the wallet and wondering how I would withdraw ADA into USD?

Would I have to convert and “Send” ADA to a Bitcoin wallet (can you even do this) first?

Do I need another wallet with a broker that supports ADA and USD? If so any recommendations?


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Just exchange it with someone else, it is a currency after all. If you don’t find ada buyers in your zone, remember that fees are cheap, send it to an exchange and change it for something that is in itself easier to sell and with low fees (NOT BITCOIN).

The easiest way to do this would be to transfer ADA back to an exchange (e.g. Bittrex), sell for BTC or ETH/LTC etc., then send to Coinbase, then cash out for fiat. I hope that ADA release fiat pairings soon, but mostly I am looking forward to the ADA debit card as I plan to hold until at least 2020 and it would be a game changer if the card came out!


Needless to say I’m beaming now the card is coming out! :smiley:

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