I have ada in my wallet. I need to sell some. Coinbase does not deal with ada. Where can I transfer my ada to..convert to used, transfer to my Coinbase account and deposit?

No clue how to get ada out Daedalus to cash in. HELP!!!


You need an exchange (which supports ADA) account… then move your ada from daedalus to exchange wallet and after that you will be able to sell ur ada.

But as Mark said, HOLD ur ADAs, will gonna :rocket::rocket::rocket:


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I need to sell some Now.


Ok, sell and rest of them delegate for rewards, I will appreciate if u will support me

Where can I transfer them to - what exchange- to get it in that wallet and trade them for USDC?

It depends, in which country do u live? Do u have an exchange account?

Are used to have a binance account.

As a US citizen it’s almost impossible to open up the new account with the US Binance and my old account of course is closed.

Can u try cex.io? I have an account and had no issues with them

I will try. Hopefully I can transfer some Ada to it , these them to usdc then move thy to Coinbase and transfer it to my bank

I opened an account but Ada is not listed.

I am stuck.

I neeed some exchange I can open an account and transfer Ada into.

Binance.us is taking forever to open my account and Coinbase refuses to deal with Ada.

try cex.io and check if it’s working in USA. I used them in Europe and no issues.

Binance.com used to work. Then they stopped Americans.

I use Kraken. Transfer your ADA to Kraken, convert it to Bitcoin. Then Transfer the Bitcoin to Coinbase.

thank you. I appreciate it.

kucoin, binance.us, etoro, coinmama, kraken are a few options
alternatively you can convert to bitcoin and then convert bitcoin to us dollar. many exchanges will convert from bitcoin, gemini, coinbase are a couple options once its converted.

I believe later this month coinbase will have ada available but this isnt officially announced yet. Depending on how much you want, ill buy it off of you as well :slight_smile: You can message me privately for this option.

I appreciate that all. I got Kracken linked to a bank account so now it works.