IS MY ADA ADA/BTC OR ADA/USD? Are they basically the same price?

When I bought ADA on Bittrex I bought ada/btc. If I transfer it back to sell it someday I’m assuming it needs to go into that same wallet type?

Also wondering as we watch the price go up, are they basically the same price or totally different prices?

ADA is the base currency and in itself not associated with any counter currency. In other words, ADA is ADA.

On Binance for example, you can (currently) trade your ADA against all of these counters


So if I want to sell it someday and send it back to my exchange do I put it in ada/btc or ada/usd or does it matter?

You only have one ADA deposit address & this is where you put it. Once the ADA shows up in your wallet you can trade any ADA/* pair that is supported by your exchange.

it is depends on exchange, I also see that ADA /EUR and ADA/USD are different if we buy.

I think I am understanding your question , You can transfer your ada to your exchange , and then convert it to any fiat currency that you desire that is supported by your exchange a direct exchange means less transaction costs than having to go through a X pair , the price difference between the pairs is directly proportionate to the value of the fiat currency . i hope this clears it up
cheers Milan