How do i cash in my Ada


Hi all, I’m new to this site and would appreciate any help please, I managed to buy some Ada about 2 months ago and have it sitting in my daedalus wallet, although this is a long term investment I want to sell them then/re-purchase them and generally move them around so I can get some experience so I know how to sell them quickly if when the time comes.

However I can’t get them out my wallet, they are showing up in there and all look nice and secure but I’ve tried everything I know to try and move them (which isn’t a lot, I am a serious amature on a computer) I didn’t get any sort of certificate or email when I bought them as far as I can remember, any help at all would be great as my eyes are going square from staring blankly at a screen.


Can you post some screenshots?


Not sure if that’s any good but basically I’m copying the binance deposit address and trying to paste it into this box, the address went in the first time but wouldn’t let me do anything else and now I can’t get it in at all.


So you can copy and paste the address but cant send it?